Moving comes with many hard decisions and generally is one of the most stressful events in life. Especially if it is managed by an unorganized and clumsy person. For that reason, we’ll show you how your week to week moving timeline should look like. Our residential movers Chicago have had some customers that made some poor decisions and on the other hand, some that were extremely well organized so we know a thing or two about what to do and what not to do. A well-planned move is made well in advance so we took the eight-week mark as a starting point for our move – as you should too.

Week to week moving timeline – 8 weeks before the move

At the start of your journey, you can start a bit slower, but these decisions will be very important in the long run. From picking out movers, creating a budget for yourself, and searching for schools for your kids it all will be settled in this period of time.

  • Finding your movers – The first thing on your mind should be finding yourself some reputable movers. Talk to some friends or neighbors that were in your situation and can help you out. We on the other hand have our professional movers Chicago to offer you. Deciding your movers can be a decision that can make or break your entire move.
  • Prepare questions for the movers – If you decide to go in searching for yourself you’ll need some questions prepared. From asking for moving quotes to inquiring about certain policies, you need to be informed about everything.
  • Search for schools – If you have kids this step is extremely important. A child’s’ life is about to get completely changed so you’ll need to have that in mind. Take a look at the schools in your new area and slowly get to picking out the best one for your kid.
Girl searching for movers online
Try to find the best possible movers at the start of your planning

Week to week moving timeline – 6 weeks before the move

This is the part of your move when things start rolling a bit faster. It’s time to put it in a higher gear and make important decisions. From notifying the school of your change to being on a constant call with your movers to finally fix the date of the big move, this will be done 6 weeks prior.

  • Make a schedule with the movers – Have in mind that the date of your move decides the price of it. So try to pick workdays and off-season days to get you on the road. It’s a common mistake when you consider that the move seems still far away.
  • Reserve a storage unit – A storage unit can be a huge blessing. Even if you are looking for some temporary options to help you with unpacking all the potential items it’s still great to have. On the other hand, your clutter can find a perfect home in a storage unit so giving some extra cash for it isn’t a waste.
  • Order moving supplies – If you know you’ll have a lot on your hands it’s time to get some moving supplies. Stock up on moving boxes, bubble wrap, and other materials that can keep your stuff safe while moving.

Week to week moving timeline – 4 weeks before the move

One month left until the move! Now it’s time to really settle in with the reality that you are moving. Start notifying your loved ones and certain places you went so they know in advance that you’ll be moving and not disappearing from the face of the earth.

  • Begin with the packing – The alarm isn’t sounding off just yet, but you can start packing. Our tip is getting all the off-season stuff and putting it into boxes. Why would you need that old winter coat during the summer? When you’re moving start with these types of items because they will get you off to a good start.
  • Tell your friends and loved ones – It’s time to inform your friends, neighbors, and everyone you love that you will be moving out soon. This is a great way to relax a bit and have a nice farewell party before you get into the serious business of moving
  • Transfer utilities – Unfortunately nobody else is going to pay your bills. Depending on where you move you will be able to transfer your bills faster, but it still will take time to get it done.
Girl telling her friends and family about the move
You can make a small party to announce your big move

Week to week moving timeline – 1 week before the move

Enjoy your last week at your old home. But it’s not only time for relaxing, but also time to get some work done too. This is the perfect timing to get in touch with your local movers and check if everything is still on for the move. But you can’t forget to take care of your old home and keep it fresh for the new residents.

  • Clean your old home -Firstly this is something every normal person will do. But also depending on where you are moving it might save you some money.  Some places might charge you a cleaning fee for leaving your house messy.
  • Schedule workers for your new home – Many people will start to change things up in their new home the moment they get in. For that reason, this is the best time to get in touch with painters, workers, etc.
  • Forward medical records – Talk to your doctor and dentist. If you haven’t found your new doctor ask for referrals. As soon as you found them, start the process of transferring your records.

Moving day

It’s finally time for the big day.  Go around and take inventory of all your belongings so you can make a list of everything. Some items that are valuable and fragile should be photographed for extra security on your part. Also, go around the old house one last time so you don’t forget anything important when you get in the truck.

Moving boxes
It’s time to load the moving boxes into the truck

After the move

Let’s get just a little chunk of work in. Although the last part of your moving journey is more of a fun and social one. A new home is like the start of a new life. Use this opportunity to feel amazing about your decision.

  • Unpack – This is probably the last hard part of your move. Start unpacking room by room or taking the most important items first to get everything in order. It’s a great feeling seeing everything falling in its place in your new home.
  • Meet the neighbors – Don’t be afraid to ring the doorbell of your next-door neighbors. It’s really a nice gesture from you and who knows maybe some new friendships might come from it.
  • Explore the neighborhood – If this is a new area for you this can be a perfect opportunity for your inner explorer. Find your local groceries, gas stations, pharmacies, and get yourself accustomed to your new surroundings.

A move is stressful and takes a lot of effort. The sooner you start with your preparations the easier it will be to organize a great move. That’s why we hope we helped to create your week to week moving timeline. From start to finish a great move includes many challenges, but also some great opportunities to be a good person. Have fun with your friends or donate to a charitable organization the opportunities are limitless. Good luck with your move and we hope it goes smoothly.

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