When you’re in need of a moving company to help you pack and move it is very difficult to choose. Some of them cannot be trusted. However, when you hire BBB accredited movers when moving, things will change. The thing is you have heard a lot of bad stories. That is why, before you hire a moving company, you want to make sure to find someone you can really trust. The good way to know reliability is to make sure they are BBB-accredited cross-country movers. US Moving Experts are one of the greatest.

Man and a tape
Hiring someone reliable is very important

What does it mean to hire BBB accredited movers when moving?

It is an association that describes itself as “a marketplace with ethics where there is a mutual trust between buyers and sellers.” Those are actually the companies that you can trust enough to do business with them in the right manner. The Better Business Bureau helps you in your search for a reliable moving company. For example, if you type residential movers Chicago, you may find some very nice accredited companies. It gives you details about accredited movers.

Here is how you can recognize proper companies:

  • business cards
  • rating
  • customer reviews
  • accreditation
A man holding a business card
It is very important to hire a credible moving company

Business cards

Immediately, you’ll be able to access the most important contact information of the moving company of choice. That type of information is very important. Even if they are not so modern, business cards are still business relevant. You may find out about a headquarters location. Then of course, even more important- website,  phone number, and e-mail address. In addition, last but not the least-working hours are also important.

Statistics tools
Rating and statistics can also be important

When you want to hire BBB accredited movers when moving, their rating is also important

There is a special section for customers’ comments. The reviews are from 1 to 5 stars. When a company has any reviews, you will see the average star rating. In case they don’t have any reviews left by customers, you will see in letters that there are zero reviews. In addition, if you opt for this service you will also have a possibility of leaving a review about the moving company. There is always a leave review button. If you are not sure how to leave a proper review, do a little bit of research online.


When you want to hire BBB accredited movers when moving, as the word itself has, accreditation is one of the most important features. Here you can see whether a mover is BBB-accredited or it is not. You will see the BBB accreditation logo if the company owns accreditation. There will also be data about the overall years in business. However, if you see the text “THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED” in red letters, then it does not have the accreditation. All in all, the BBB accreditation is really one of the top signs that the company is a reliable partner in the moving process.

To sum up, recently the BBB accreditation has become a necessity and not a luxury. You can find all the necessary information online. Even the information on how to become an accredited BBB business can be helpful since you will understand their functioning properly. In stability lies the future.

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