With its picturesque plains and lively cities, Illinois is experiencing a disturbing trend: an increase in residents leaving. High taxes, economic woes, public safety risks, crumbling infrastructure, and educational system issues propel this mass departure. Today, we look at these compelling reasons, pinpointing the states where these ex-Illinois residents are resettling. So, stay with us and get to know why are people leaving Illinois, and meet our US Moving experts!

High taxes as one of the reasons for people leaving Illinois

Illinois residents grapple with one of the highest tax burdens in the U.S., significantly affecting their financial well-being. Property taxes, for instance, are notorious for their steep rates. Consequently, residents feel the squeeze, prompting a quest for financial relief. In contrast, states like Florida, Texas, and Nevada offer an enticing respite with zero state income tax. This tax relief has made these states magnet destinations for those weary of Illinois’ tax climate. The decision is clear for many – swap the tax burden for financial freedom. And when you decide to move, call residential movers Chicago!

Chicago, city in Illinois
Like any state, Illinois has its flaws that make people think about moving away.

Economic challenges

Illinois residents deal with economic challenges in Chicago. The job market, although diverse, is notoriously competitive and fails to offer ample high-paying opportunities. Furthermore, the cost of living is considerably high when compared to the national average, and they are 107.4 of the 100 national average based on data from bestplaces.net. Necessities like housing, food, and healthcare demand a large portion of residents’ income. The lack of economic prosperity propels residents to look for better places to live and work. States such as Texas, with its booming tech industry, and North Carolina, known for its affordable living, are becoming increasingly popular choices for those leaving Illinois in search of better economic stability.

Education is not at a satisfactory level

Illinois’ education system faces several hurdles. Limited funding, disparities in educational quality, and underperforming schools are major concerns. In contrast, states like Massachusetts and New Jersey shine with their top-tier schools and high educational standards. The promise of a better education lures Illinois families to these states, making them popular relocation choices for a brighter academic future. And when it comes to family moving, affordable moving company Chicago is at your disposal!

Student thinking about leaving Illinois
The not-so-good educational system is one of the reasons why people are leaving Illinois.

People don’t feel safe in Illinois anymore

Public safety is a growing concern in Illinois, with crime rates exceeding national averages in certain areas. This unsettling reality is causing residents to seek safer environments for their families. States such as New Hampshire and Maine, known for their low crime rates and safe neighborhoods, are becoming popular choices. The pursuit of safety and peace of mind is a significant factor propelling Illinois residents to these quieter, safer shores.

Thinking about leaving Illinois?

So, high taxes, economic struggles, public safety concerns, and educational challenges are the main reasons why are people leaving Illinois. So, if you are thinking the same thing, we advise you to think again to be sure. And besides, don’t forget that we are at your disposal, as well as our piano movers Chicago. It is enough to contact us. Good luck!