Why are millennials leaving Chicago? There are many answers to this question. However, it’s important to highlight the most important ones. From the prices of housing and living in a big city like Chicago to having opportunities to shine somewhere else, there are many things to take into consideration. We as the US Moving experts think that we’re able to give you some answers as we’ve helped move a good number of them. Here are just some of the reasons that more and more Chicago millennials chose to move out rather than stay in Chicago.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point

Every crisis can bring forth some problems. And the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t any different from any other crisis that hit the US and the world. Not only in Chicago but also in all the major cities people started thinking about their options. The millennials are a group that had its thoughts too. Where can you live a sustainable life? Is living in a big city worth the price? Can you be successful outside of the big city centers? Those are all the questions they asked themselves. They’ve got in contact with our long-distance movers in Chicago and picked the location of their choice. The pandemic has shown them that they have plenty of options outside Chicago.

A woman with a mask
COVID-19 was a tool that showed millennials that Chicago has its flaws

Cost of living is one of the reasons why millennials are leaving Chicago

Like any other big city in the US Chicago can be expensive. It’s not maybe on the same level as NYC and LA, but it definitely requires a lot of money to live there. Especially if you consider that both the housing and living prices are rising. When you’re young and moving with residential movers Chicago you will need to cash out a lot of money. For some millennials that just started a job or are climbing the corporate ladder, it can be too much. There are many cheaper options that are relatively near to the big cities. For that reason, most millennials packed their bags and moved to other smaller communities that are way cheaper than Chicago.

Lack of affordable amenities

When you live in Chicago, you want to have the best quality of lifestyle. However, that’s not always the case. Above all, the constant rise of prices will hinder you from improving your lifestyle and make it almost impossible for you to upgrade. Even though the city of Chicago has a lot to offer you still want to have quality living in your own home. And with the cost of living it’s very difficult to have a big hot tub or gym membership when a lot of your budget goes to necessities. That’s not a good position to find yourself in and is a good reason to move.

A pool
There are a lot of things millennials need for a happy life, and in Chicago, they cost too much

Why Are Millennials Leaving Chicago? Life can be better in smaller places

With new companies and schools rising to the occasion after the start of the pandemic, many places have gained more importance. It’s not all about the big cities anymore, and it’s very visible, even to the younger generations. Many people are calling our local movers Chicago in order to move them around Illinois as they have a better chance of becoming what they’ve set out to be in a smaller community than Chicago. There’s a good chance that they will be able to do more with the less money they will earn than to be in Chicago and earn more but give almost everything away. There’s something great about living in a small place that can give millennials a certain amount of peace and clarity.

Why Are Millennials Leaving Chicago? They want a small community to be part of

Sometimes a big city can be suffocating. It’s almost like a rat race where everybody thinks only about their interests. Depending on the neighborhood, this is sadly a good part of Chicago at times. For that reason, being part of a smaller community can come with many additional benefits. Having a good neighbor that is there to help you out or show you around can be crucial when you find yourself lost in a new area. It’s no wonder millennials want to be part of a more open community where people respect each other and help out. It definitely makes everyone feel better and it’s a better situation for them to live and grow.

Girls hugging each other
Why Are Millennials Leaving Chicago? The sense of community lacks in Chicago for them

Smaller places have almost the same opportunities

Long gone are the days when to be something, you need to move to a big city. More and more people are finding this out recently. For that reason, there are many people who are living not only in Chicago but also in the biggest US cities that are leaving. With many business opportunities moving to smaller cities and places it’s no wonder why so many people, including millennials, are leaving Chicago. Above all, it will be easier to find better and easier to get opportunities in smaller cities and places than in a city where at least ten people are fighting for the same position. Make sure to use every opportunity you have in your new place and we’re sure that the world is yours!

When you’re young and making yourself a future, it’s a good idea to not overspend. Unfortunately, with the prices rising, young people are choosing to leave. As they actually are able to save up more money by earning and working less. It’s difficult to answer why millennials are leaving Chicago. However, if you look at the structure of businesses and the lifestyle in Chicago it might be obvious. Wherever you decide to go as a millennial, we hope you’ll find your luck. And obviously, we hope that you’ll one day return to Chicago.

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