Chicago is a lively place where thousands of people are moving daily. As a business hub in Illinois with 2.697 million people, many businesses and offices move inside, to, or from Chicago occasionally. Corporate moves come with a long to-do list, but do you know you also need to notify people before you do? If you hire commercial movers Chicago boasts of, this will be one of the few things you need to do. So, who should you notify before moving your office in Chicago?

People you must notify before moving your office in Chicago

You might have thought that the only people you need to inform of your move are one of the moving companies Chicago residents trust. But even though they are a great help, they are not a magical solution to every task you must finish. A business survives thanks to its connections to:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • The commercial landlord

These three are also the ones you need to inform of your move as soon as you learn about it.

Picture of people talking
The people you should notify before moving your office in Chicago are essential to your business.

Customers are the lifeline of your business

Your business exists thanks to your customers. You must keep them satisfied, as this will make them return for your products or services. So, naturally, the customers are the number one group you should inform of your move. Once they know your future new location, they can find you there after you move with the help of moving services Chicago companies provide. Some might take their business to other offices, while loyal customers might even travel longer to get to your new location. Notify your customers ASAP, via email or in person, if they visit your premises.

Employees are very important

Even though the customers are the most important, you would have them without your employees. They put their time and effort into building your business, so you must inform them of the move first. Every employee has a life of their own, and your move with some international movers Chicago offers might not fit into their plans. Inform them of the change on time so you both have time to make the necessary arrangements.

The commercial landlord

Most businesses operate in rented commercial properties. You likely have a lease contract with all the essential details about your lease. One of these details is the fee you must pay if you don’t notify your commercial landlord on time about a move – so don’t allow this to happen. Inform them as soon as you learn of the move to avoid unnecessary problems.

Picture of a man trying to notify before moving your office in Chicago
You will avoid paying penalties if you notify some people on time.

Those you must notify before moving your office in Chicago will appreciate your effort

We hope you now know who you need to notify before moving your office in Chicago. If the right people are in the know on time, you will do both yourself and them a great favor. Office moves are stressful, and not doing this can only add to the moving stress. It will also make them feel appreciated and respected, boosting your business reputation.