You are moving to Chicago? Good to hear! But you should know that a moving project is standing between you and your dreams. You must work on your moving logistics, pack, and find the US moving experts that will help you relocate safely. Chicago neighborhoods are best for startups and you should start looking for one as well. And working on many tasks simultaneously can be exhausting and time-consuming. Therefore, let us help you and make your relocation easy as it can be.

Organize your relocation first before you begin checking which Chicago neighborhoods are best for startups

Before you begin looking for the best Chicago neighborhood for you, you should organize your relocation project. This does not mean you must get moving before you figure out your new address. But to have a plan on paper and be ready for that moment, is priceless. Hence, start with a moving checklist covering all the moving stages and obligations. Figure out which packing materials to use, how many items you must pack, and what your moving budget looks like. Once you have all the info, contact commercial movers Chicago and work on the moving estimates.

Movers will help immensely with your moving endeavor. You can purchase moving insurance, rent storage in Chicago, purchase packing service, and much more. Communicate all the details with your moving representative and decide on the best course of action. For the money invested, you’ll receive the best possible moving service and save a lot of your precious time. Organize everything and be ready for your moving date.


Chicago neighborhoods are best for startups but if you choose the wrong one for you, you won’t have a pleasant experience. So, we will begin our journey at Bridgeport. A place that might turn you off when you hear that half of the housing properties are from mid-fifties. Although, they are well preserved and heavily invested in. Such a housing environment provides a historic and artistic charm one can’t resist. Once you are there, you must visit Bridgeport Arts Center and if you are a White Sox fan, obviously hit one of the games and have a blast. Also, you are a walkable distance away from Chinatown and Pilsen where you’ll find all the restaurants and shopping your heart desire. All in all, an affordable and promising place for a startup.

Chicago neighborhoods are best for startups and Bridgeport is one of them
Bridgeport might be the perfect place for a startup.

Humboldt Park

Similar to Bridgeport, an old neighborhood greatly preserved and cherished by the community. You can feel the diversity and a Puerto Rican culture and influence in the air. Tree-lined streets straight from movies and a lot of greenery all over the place. Garfield Park and Humboldt Park are there to work on your exercise, have a picnic with your family, or for any other activities you desire. But what will pique your interest right from the start is the street art, graffiti, and murals which can be found on each building, restaurant, or shopping place. This place is vibrant and colorful and definitely worth checking out.

A green lush area with people
For nature lovers, Humboldt Park is a place to be.

South Shore

Between Jackson Park and the University of Chicago, you’ll find this lakefront neighborhood. Populated mostly by African-American residents, but this place is welcoming anyone who is interested in starting a life here. But if you do, you must get used to public transportation because at least half of the community is using it without a question. It is working like a charm and it is more convenient for short distances. Houses and apartments are spacious and affordable, while the economy and infrastructure booming. A peculiar place for sure. Take a look at it and seize the opportunities to expand your business.

Finishing our tour of which Chicago neighborhoods are best for startups with Oak Park!

Oak Park is all about architecture. You can read about it online for hours, but to spare you the trouble we will point out one major thing. Frank Lloyd Wright lived and worked here and the whole place grew under his eye. His Prairies School Architectural Movement influenced this place greatly and the whole area is built with style and prestige. This Organic Architecture is worth investing in for those who can appreciate it. Although, it is a bit more expensive than the other neighborhoods we mentioned on the list. But with all the schooling, working, and investing opportunities ahead, it is worth every penny.

Chicago neighborhoods are best for startups with plenty of opportunities behind every corner. Now you know where to begin your search and hopefully, you’ll find a suitable place in no time. Good luck!

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