Moving is a huge process and it includes a lot of planning, stress, patience, money, and time. Furniture is a part of every household, and one of the bigger components of it. Therefore, it is also a crucial part of every move. It is also a big investment, and you do not want your precious sofa or coffee table damaged during transport. This is why you need the most reliable furniture movers Chicago has to offer. If the main focus of your move is furniture, professional movers have the equipment and knowledge to transport your items safely and quickly. But you can’t just hire the first company you find in the ads. There are plenty of rogue movers out there just waiting to trick you out of your money. You need to know where to find good movers, and also what to look for in a company. Let us begin.

Detailed research helps a lot

When looking for reliable furniture movers Chicago, you need to be well informed about the services they offer and how they operate. As always, it is good to start local. You won’t find a better source of information than your friends or family, peers or coworkers. If you have anyone in your circle of acquaintances that have recently moved furniture, it is always best to ask them for recommendations or advice. This has always been the most reliable source of information since your friends won’t do you wrong. Word of mouth is the best source of information, and you will gain a lot of good experience. Regardless if someone you know had a good or bad experience with their move, they will give you valuable advice on how to prepare for yours.

two men in front of a laptop looking for furniture movers Chicago
Friends can help you find furniture movers by sharing their own experiences

After you have this information at your disposal, you can expand your research online. Look for reliable furniture movers Chicago that operate in your area, and make a list. We recommend selecting three to four movers that seem the best and comparing them. Take into consideration their rates, the kind of insurance they offer, and additional fees. Online reviews are a good way to check the companies reputation. Sites such as BBB have both positive and negative feedback and reflect the company rather well. Lastly, you should directly contact the companies over the phone and talk to a sales representative. Make sure to always ask for an in-house estimate as this is the most reliable way of determining moving costs.

The qualities of reliable furniture movers Chicago

To further help you with your search, we have prepared a small list of things to look for when choosing. These are important factors and should be considered when making a decision:

  • A reliable moving company needs to have a license issued by the USDOT. Unlicensed companies are usually a scam waiting to happen.
  • Moving insurance is a must-have when moving. Insurance coverage is very important should something go wrong and your furniture ends up damaged.
  • If a company refuses to do an in-house estimate, avoid it. In-house estimates have fixed prices and do not vary. Furthermore, if a mover sees the furniture in person, they can plan ahead and prepare for the move.

    reliable movers Chicago truck parked along side the road
    A good moving company is transparent and does in-house estimates
  • Check with the company for any additional fees that may occur. Fuel fees, carrying furniture down the stairs, booking in a busy period. Movers should be transparent about fees like this, in order to prevent any unwanted surprises when the bill comes.
  • When looking at reviews for furniture movers Chicago, check for the companies integrity ratio. This represents how the mover handled previous customer complaints. If this ratio is low, they are most likely not reliable.

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