Having a best friend is a beautiful thing that brings us comfort and joy. Forming a life-long connection with someone and having them move away can be devastating. Especially if your best friend is moving away to a distant location. Experienced professional movers Chicago have witnessed this situation multiple times. Loved ones moving away is a stress-inducing, difficult life event. However, with people growing up and having to move due to all sorts of circumstances, Everyone will inevitably have to experience this. As this is something that is out of your control, you can just learn how to cope with it and make it more bearable.

Allow yourself to feel sad because your best friend is moving away

It is normal to feel sad. Even if your friend is excited about their move, feeling abandoned and betrayed is okay. This doesn’t make you selfish or a bad friend as long as you are not trying to make your best friend feel guilty because their moving away. Having someone leave your life is emotional and hard. Let yourself mourn instead of trying to suppress your feelings. You could also consider talking to a therapist.

A men and a woman talking in a therapy session
You should talk about your feelings when your best friend is moving away!

Talk to your friend and show your support

When you find out your best friend is moving away, it is important to have a serious conversation with them. You could go to your favorite place together to be as comfortable as possible. You should take the time to discuss your feelings, as you are probably both missing each other already. Don’t forget to ask questions about their move after you shared your concerns. You should find out how they’re moving, when is the date, if they are long-distance moving or moving locally.

Help your best friend move away

When it comes to the process of moving, it can really difficult and stressful. Especially because your friend is already dealing with a lot of emotions. You can help them arrange their move, offer to do some research for them and save them some precious time. Find out if they are going to DIY their relocation or hire full service movers Chicago, so you’ll know better how to help them.

Men and a woman packing for moving away
Helping your friend out with their move is also a good way to show your support!

Talk about how are you going to stay in touch after the move

The technology of modern times allows you to easily communicate and stay in touch. That means that even if your best friend is moving far away, with international movers Chicago, you can talk to them whenever you like. To make you both feel more comfortable it is a good idea to arrange in advance which method of online communication will you use:

  • Texting via social networks,
  • Phone calls are a great way to stay in touch,
  • Video calls may be a great option for you.

Spend as much time together as possible before your best friend is moving away

Last but not least, the best way to say goodbye is to make memories when your best friend is moving away. Spend quality time together! Think about doing something nice for them, like throwing a farewell party or buying them a sentimental gift they can bring with them to remind them of you!

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