Renting a storage unit is one of the best and easiest ways to instantly solve the problem of lacking space. Whether moving or simply remodeling your home, storage units provide a great place to store your items safely. However, in order for your items to be safe, there have to be some rules that will ensure that the safety is intact. So, what items are not allowed in self storage? Whether you are moving with US Moving Experts, or by yourself, storage units will always come in handy. So, let us dive deeper into what are the items you should never bring and place inside a storage unit.

What items are not allowed in self storage?

When we rent self-storage, we usually do it to ensure that there is a safe and adequate place for our belongings. Whether in the long or short term, it is very important that your items are safe inside. So, to ensure the safety of the items inside, storage facilities and companies, like storage Chicago, have to enforce certain rules that forbid certain times from being inside the unit. Generally speaking, these items can cause real harm to both items and people that are around, so we cannot say that these rules surprise us. Today, we are going to talk about:

  • Flammable or combustible items
  • Perishable goods
  • Hazardous or toxic substances or materials

    small firework bombs being lit on a wooden surface to represent what items are not allowed in self storage
    From fireworks to propane and gas tanks; anything that might catch on fire is not for storage

Flammable, or easily combustible items

When we think about what items are not allowed in self storage, we think that flammable items first come to mind. Namely, as you would assume, these items can cause severe damage to both the items inside the unit; as well as other units or the whole facility.

In fact, even handling flammable liquid, for example, will require utmost attention and devotion. So, to avoid potential issues, simply avoid bringing combustible items inside the storage unit.

Perishable goods

From food to other products that have a short expiring date, nothing that can quickly perish should be inside the storage unit. Instead, you should reuse the moving boxes to pack the food and other goods, to either donate or throw them away.

a couple eating in the midst of a relocation
Do not try to place food inside storage, even if it is for a day

Generally speaking, anything that is a type of food should not be inside the unit. Yes, maybe it will not perish right away, but it surely will attract a lot of rodents and pests. Aside from eating all the food, pests will start to nest in your unit; Thus, creating more issues.

What items are not allowed in self storage: Hazardous or toxic substances or materials

Any item that might expose other things in the unit to toxic or hazardous substances should not be in the unit in the first place. This type of item is the type that makes us not question what items are not allowed in self storage. After all, you are not storing holiday treasures, but products or items that are very dangerous for the environment and its surroundings.


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