You’ve spent months organizing, preparing, and rearranging your schedule, and now you’re prepared to move and settle into your new place and home. Your new apartment or house is not yet available, so you are forced to put off your relocation even though the boxes are packed and the moving trucks are on their way. Do not worry. If you ever find yourself thinking “how to cancel my move”, use the following simple advice to manage this disruption in your relocation schedule.

When you make a decision, notify your mover immediately

Every responsible client should let their moving company know if they have changed their mind regarding the move. You should definitely take this action as soon as you can. Contact the long distance movers Chicago as soon as you decide to cancel a moving contract. The earlier you take care of this, even if you need some additional services, the less money you will have to spend. In fact, it’s possible that you won’t be required to pay anything.

Calling company to cancel my move
You must let your moving company know if you plan to cancel a moving contract

You should also inform the following individuals, in addition to your chosen US Moving Experts, landlord, or real estate agent:

  • relatives and friends
  • your workplace or institution
  • suppliers of USPS insurance
  • service providers

Decide where you’re going to stay

It may be more complicated than you think to decide where to live when your move is delayed or canceled. The easiest solution is obviously to stay at home, but this isn’t always feasible. You might need to look into finding a temporary somewhere to live if your lease is up, your home has been sold, or your property has been rented. Find an extended-stay hotel if you have to leave your current place. A hotel with laundry facilities, kitchenettes, or at least a small refrigerator and microwave, should be picked out. Consider asking friends or family members if you can stay with them if you can stay in the region.

Take what you need during this period

Whether you have to postpone your move for a few days or a few weeks, you’ll need a few necessities to get you and your family through. I would congratulate you if you took the time to identify and name the boxes and luggage that contained the stuff you would need right away after moving. Simply unpack the relevant boxes and any moving day kits you created, or bring these items with you to your temporary home, to ease the stress of moving while you deal with the rescheduling.

Storage facilities in Chicago can be the best option for the rest of your possessions. Your belongings won’t need to be moved, saving you the expense of hiring additional movers. Instead, they will be kept in a storage unit.

Paper crafts with question marks
A good moving company can help you answer the question “What happens if I need to cancel my move”

Get in touch with your moving company to learn more

Contact your mover if you plan to or have already chosen to cancel your moving contract. They helped me to cancel my move, just as they would for you.  Waiting will result in higher expenses, so avoid it. It also means a lot to your residential movers Chicago to let them know in advance. They still have a lot of relocations to finish, even if you’ve changed your mind.

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