You’ve got a big move planned for the near future. For many people relocating is one of the hardest things to deal with. Firstly, you need to prepare it and it takes a lot of time from your schedule. And we at US Moving experts can confirm that for many people it can get very stressful. Even if you’ve finally found your movers the worries about the move aren’t over. Your items need to be safe and how can they be without insurance. But, what are the different types of moving insurance? Well, we’ll talk about some of them and what’s the best one you should choose for your items and your move.

Choose the right moving company

For any type of move, you’ll need to hire the right people. Obviously, you won’t need to check every company’s insurance if you’re moving down the block. But there are even differences when you’re moving inside the same state. So always approach your movers about their policies. For example, interstate movers Chicago will have more insurance options than some local mover. The majority of moving companies might claim that they are insured, but it’s your duty to inquire about the type of insurance they offer.

Movers moving boxes
When you hire professional movers you don’t have anything to worry about

Different types of moving insurance?

The types of insurance wary from the distance of the move and the importance of your items. The lowest insurance movers will offer you 0.3 or 0.6 $ per pound. On the other hand, there are insurances that cover you completely. Depending on your needs you can choose one from these types of insurances available:

Basic carrier insurance

This type of insurance is the most basic one. More or less every reputable moving company will have this insurance available from the start. The negative side of this insurance is that it covers only a part of the lost or damaged item’s price. On the other hand, the positive thing is that it gets offered to you for free.

Declared value protection

This is the mid-level insurance that you can request from your moving company. It depends on many factors, but mostly on the distance of the move and the items, you’ll take. This type of insurance is great for long-distance moves as it covers a lot of your value. In some cases even the full value.

Full replacement liability

This type of insurance is what business owners get when they move their offices. On the other hand, many people that have a valuable piece of art will choose this type of insurance. Another bonus for going for this insurance is that it covers the whole shipment. So if you’re moving across multiple states this could be a good idea. Unfortunately, it’s also the most expensive one.

Why is it important to have any type of moving insurance

Having moving insurance is undeniably a good idea. Many people often think that buying moving insurance is a waste of money, but you never know when your items can get damaged. Obviously, there are instances where expensive insurance is too much. On the other hand, if you’re moving your business you want everything covered. For everyone their own choice, but having insurance is a must when you’re moving.

Insurance papers
Having the right insurance will make you feel safer about your items

Choose the right type of moving insurance for you

Even before you get into the whole moving process you should determine your budget. Afterward, it can be easier to adjust your insurance to your budget. People underestimate the importance of paying for insurance, but in the case of problems it helps out a lot. For choosing the right type for you, you’ll need to calculate the value of your stuff. Another big factor is the distance of your move, so be ready to pay up a little more if it’s an interstate move. If you can’t calculate for yourself, most moving companies can do it for you.

Different types of moving insurance for extraordinary value items

Certain items can’t be insured by your standard insurances. You need to declare those items to your mover before you’re moving them. The truth is that those types of items are better transported in your own car than inside a moving truck. Items that have this high value are considered items that have a value that is over 100$ per pound of the item. Here are just some of them:

  • Crystals
  • Antiques
  • Video cameras and other types of cameras
  • Collections of art or currency
  • Furs
  • Oriental rugs
Items like crystals that have a huge value have a special type of moving insurance

Limiting factors when choosing different types of moving insurance

There are some instances where your insurance can become invalid. For that reason, we want to warn you about certain situations where the money you invested in insurance can go to waste. These are not things that are out of the ordinary as any moving company can have these. Be sure to look out for these types of items so both you and your movers can do their end of the bargain:

  • Hazardous or dangerous items that you pack without the mover’s knowledge
  • Packing your own boxes
  • The mover isn’t notified about expensive items
  • If there is a contract where you relive the mover from potential liabilities
  • If your claim for losses or damages isn’t done in a timely manner

At the end of the day, the insurance you choose is going to depend on your financial situation and the needs of your move. Afterward, photograph your items and list them all. This might seem like a lot, but it will help you feel safer. Our movers might not help you to move the most expensive items in the world, but we hope we can help you understand what are the different types of moving insurance and for what situation you can use it.

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