When it’s time to store your belongings you want to have everything in mind. What can you put in your storage unit? Are there rules and regulations with your company? Do legal barriers exist for storing certain items? All these questions, we from US Moving Experts can help you out without problems. On top of that, we’ll tell you about the common non-storable items and how to deal with them. Here are just some examples of them.

Personal and valuable items

Among the items that can’t be found in a storage unit are your valuables and personal items. It’s not that a unit won’t be able to protect it from the weather or theft, but it’s common etiquette that those types of items don’t enter storage Chicago or other facilities all over the US. But how so? When it comes to personal items like documents you don’t want them to be inside a storage unit. Documents contain sensitive information and it’s better to be safe than sorry and keep them somewhere near you. What about valuables? They can be very expensive. Especially when it comes to jewelry. The main problem is that the insurance won’t be able to cover your loss on the occasion the item goes missing.

A necklace
Jewelry is among the common non-storable items

Flammable items are among the common non-storable items

Some of the items that are prohibited to be inside a storage unit are flammable items. The reasons are more than obvious, and to make it even more precise even according to the legal system we’re not allowed to hold any flammable items inside a storage unit. Once in the past, those types of items could have been moved by long-distance movers without problems. However, several tragedies have changed the way moving and storage companies are looking at flammable items. Thankfully, there are regulations and rules that make sure such items receive special treatment if they need to be moved from point A to point B. On top of everything don’t ever try and move such items unsupervised.

Food and other perishables

A storage unit is no place for food and similar items. There are rare moving and storage companies that will allow you to put food inside their moving truck, but not in the storage unit. What’s the main problem with food? Firstly, the design doesn’t really help your food stay fresh. Secondly, the smell of food can attract rodents and insects to your and neighboring storage units.  That’s not the situation you want to find yourself in. Above all, it doesn’t mean only that your food is useless, but also other items can be in trouble.

Cleaning supplies rank high when it comes to common non-storable items

Even if cleaning supplies seem harmless, they can be a very big problem. Especially if the way you store them isn’t according to the regulations. Certain cleaning supplies will have chemicals inside them that are not only flammable but can also damage your other items around them. Even our local movers won’t help you move certain types of cleaning supplies. For that reason, before you decide to put anything in storage make sure that your supplies don’t contain substances that can create problems in a storage unit. Of course, calling the actual company and asking them about all their rules will be the best move to make in this situation.

A person cleaning a table
A storage unit is not a place for cleaning supplies


Medicine is very important to the functionality of our society. From medical equipment to personal medication there’s a variety of storage options available. However, your ordinary storage unit just isn’t enough for such an endeavor. If anything else, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of cold storage. However, that’s not something that will be available for you to store your medication for headaches and other drugs. But what can you do? Follow the instructions of your doctor and prescriptions. A storage unit isn’t the place for your ordinary medication and it’s best to keep it that way.   

Plants are obvious common non-storable items

If you have many plants in your home, it’s no wonder that you think about putting some of them inside a storage unit. However, there are many reasons why it’s not the best idea to have them inside a unit. Firstly the conditions are suboptimal for a plant to stay in a storage unit. The lack of fresh air, sunlight and water will probably put your plants in a bad decision. If not completely kill them. Another problem is that plants will usually attract insects and vermin to them. Similar to food, the big problem here will be that other items will be in peril. No storage company will allow your plants, and it’s better for them to stay away from storage units.   

Several plants on a table
Plants won’t survive long in a storage unit


Even though it’s not uncommon to store fertilizer in general, a common storage unit just won’t cut it. A normal storage facility where people hold their furniture, instruments, and other items aren’t good enough for fertilizers. Even more, fertilizers need a building that is fully dedicated to storing similar materials and items. The impeccable conditions that are in a unit for fertilizers just aren’t the same as in your normal storage unit. There’s a reason why they are among the common non-storable items.

Making sure that all your belongings are safe is a top priority. However, it’s not always easy to do it. Above all, for the logistic reasons and regulations. Those rules are there for a good reason and we hope we’ve made it clear that not every type of item is good for storage. Especially the common non-storable items that request special attention and supervision in case you want them properly stored with professionals. We hope our advice will be helpful to you.    

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