Chicago, a city known for its architectural marvels and diverse neighborhoods, offers a wide array of housing options to cater to every lifestyle. Whether you’re planning to move to the city or considering a change in your living situation, understanding the different types of housing available in Chicago is crucial. With the help of professional movers Chicago, moving to your new home can be a breeze, whether you’re eyeing a cozy apartment in the Loop or a spacious single-family home in Lincoln Park.

Single-family homes as one of the housing options available in Chicago

Single-family homes in Chicago provide the privacy and space many families and individuals crave. In neighborhoods like Lincoln Park and Beverly, these homes often come with yards and garages, offering a suburban feel within the city limits. The main advantages include ownership perks and more living space. However, the disadvantages, such as higher costs and maintenance responsibilities, can be daunting. And, average house prices based on Niche data are $304,500. Also, for those moving heavy items, piano movers Chicago can ensure your valuable pieces are handled with care.

Lincoln Park is one of the options to consider when searching for housing available in Chicago.
Lincoln Park has great real estate options to offer.


The apartment market in Chicago thrives with options ranging from studios to multi-bedroom layouts. These units offer convenience and a range of amenities, making them popular among young professionals and students. However, the lack of ownership and the potential for noise are downsides. Areas like The Loop and River North are hotspots for apartment living. The average rent prices in Chicago are $1,314, and 54% of the total population renting. When planning a move, consider long-distance movers Chicago to make your relocation smooth, regardless of where you’re coming from.


Condominiums in Chicago attract those looking for a blend of apartment living and home ownership. With shared common areas and individual units, condos present a unique living experience. Buyers should consider HOA fees and community rules. The South Loop and Gold Coast areas are renowned for their condominiums. Incorporating packing services Chicago into your moving plan can simplify the process of settling into your new condo.


Townhomes in Chicago offer a compromise between the autonomy of single-family homes and the convenience of condo living. These multi-floor homes, commonly found in Wicker Park and West Town, are ideal for those seeking a sense of community without sacrificing privacy. Townhomes in Chicago have high prices. And they are from $220.000 to $1M. Zillow can give you more information about renting options in Chicago.

Loft living and co-living

  • Loft living in Chicago appeals to those who love the city’s industrial history and desire open, airy spaces. Neighborhoods like the West Loop and Fulton Market are famous for their lofts, offering residents a unique urban experience.
  • Co-living has emerged as a beneficial trend for newcomers to Chicago, offering shared living spaces and amenities that foster community and convenience. It’s an excellent way for individuals to reduce living costs while enjoying the city’s vibrancy.
housing available in Chicago
Choose housing option according to your needs and possibilities.

Research housing options available in Chicago and choose the best for you!

Chicago’s housing landscape offers something for everyone, from the historic charm of loft apartments to the community feel of townhomes and the independence of single-family homes. With the right research and assistance from professional movers in Chicago, finding the perfect type of housing available in Chicago to match your lifestyle and needs can be a fulfilling journey. As you embark on this exciting phase, remember that each housing option presents a unique way to experience the Windy City.