Are you feeling anxious about your upcoming international move? Before you start planning you can imagine how complex and challenging a task it represents. From finding a new home, research professional moving and storage companies to schedule a moving date. The list seems endless even when we are talking about local moving. If you imagine all that on an international scale, you realize why you are so anxious. Furthermore, the sheer amount of tasks instantly goes up. Nevertheless, you need to find a way to get through international moving as easy as possible. That is why we are here to help you. One of the greatest ways is for you to find reliable international moving companies. But to do so, take a piece of advice from our US Moving Experts. Before you hire international movers, you first need to learn what the characteristics of such movers are.

What should you expect from reliable international moving companies?

What are the key traits of professional international moving companies? And what kind of service should you expect from international movers? The solution for your upcoming move is international movers Chicago. The biggest indicators of successful international moving companies are reviews from satisfied customers. A reputable company like ours will be willing and able to give you a list of referrals.

Satisfied customers
Satisfied customers are the most important trait of a successful business.

Traits of reliable international moving companies – Professional and quality personnel

When you move internationally you get even more excited. However, it’s a type of move that requires only the most professional service in order to really work. One of the qualities that they should have is experience. Ask them directly how many years have they been working as international movers and try to get some reviews of people who used them. The best thing that you can have is a company with experience and a moving crew that also has a lot of moves under their belt. Above all, that’s because if any problems arise, it’s good to have people that can solve them in the vicinity. Another sign of a respectful and reputable moving company is that they have all the licenses needed for international moving.

Movers driving in their van
You need only true professionals for your move

Traits of reliable international moving companies – Affordability

A great international mover doesn’t need to break the bank. For that reason, one of the traits of reliable international moving companies is that they offer services at affordable prices. Obviously, the point isn’t to get the cheapest price, but to get the best services available at the lowest prices. Moving internationally, like moving long-distance, will cost you more than your ordinary move down the street. However, your relocation doesn’t need to cost you all your life savings. As for any type of move try to get as many moving quotes as possible in order to compare not only prices but also services the movers will offer. And remember, an offer too good to be true is probably too good to be true.

A person holding a bunch of money
A good international mover doesn’t always break the bank

They offer additional services

A true international moving company won’t just serve to bring you from point A to point B. It will also offer some additional services. For example, your new home might be too small to hold all the items from the previous one. A true moving company will offer you storage services in the vicinity of your house. There are also many other services that can be of help to you, but just the top level of moving companies will make you feel safe and sound anywhere they help you go. For that reason, don’t confuse a staff member’s or crew member’s constant questioning for bothering. They just want to help you by doing more than you expect from them.

They are a BBB Accredited International Mover (Better Business Bureau)

An international move is demanding and dealing with scammers is no option this time. If you ever been a victim of moving scams, you know how important is to stay away from them. Make sure to ask for phone numbers and addresses so you can verify the references yourself. Moreover, you can visit the company’s website and look for additional comments and reviews about their services. Above all, check out the website of the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the company is a reliable one. Reliable international movers will make your move as stress-free as possible.

Traits of reliable international moving companies
Before you sign any commitment, make sure you are dealing with reliable movers.

Good reviews

Like for any type of movers, and international movers get reviews. Thankfully that is the case and you can use that in order to choose the best ones for you. But how can you make the distinction between genuine and fake reviews? Obviously, it will be a hard task with always more third-party websites that don’t recognize spam or fake reviews. When it comes to advice, our local movers can help you as they have hundreds of comments from people that used their services.  The key to finding genuine reviews is to see how objective they are. If someone’s talking about certain movers as the best in the world while others give them a one-star rating it can be a red flag that something’s fishy.

They are a members of other recognized organizations

Every moving company want s to be recognized on a bigger scale, and the same goes for international moving companies. There are more or less famous organizations that get all the moving companies around the world to create a network of reputable and recognized movers all over the world. Another good side of that is the quality of work that it requires to be part of such a network. Above all, that can ensure a quality moving service anywhere in the world. That’s why you should always check out if a company is in partnership with such an organization.

The company is legitimate and offers you all the documents to prove it

Whatever type of company you’re dealing with you always want to make sure they’re legitimate. The only way to find that out is by asking them. and to be fair, most movers will gladly give you all the information that is needed. It’s not only their Better Business Bureau rating or things like that but important insurances and licenses that states give out to legitimate moving companies. If they get defensive and don’t give you all the information that can be a bad sign. Especially when you’re moving internationally you need to have full trust in your movers. For that reason, don’t even try and get a deal with companies that don’t have all the necessary documents.

Documents on a table
A legitimate mover will have no problems showing you all the licenses and insurances they have

Consider your specific requirements

First and foremost, you need to check particularly if movers can provide you a service for your destination in certain areas. How urgent is your relocation is? And do you have exactly the moving date or you can calculate? Most of the international movers are busy during the summer months and at the weekends. If moving in the off-peak season is an option, you should know they will be cheaper.

We know that your international move needs to be perfect, but we hope you now know what a reputable international moving company looks like. Above all, it’s important to do your research however difficult it might seem. The traits of reliable international moving companies are always the same and don’t change much. That makes it easier for you to find one that will be able to help you during every step of the move. Good luck with your search!

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