Finding the best moving company and movers is not as easy as it might seem. There are many ways to start looking for them, but Chicago is a big city and has a lot to offer. Thankfully, as always, you can expect help from US Moving Experts to move you and give you some crucial advice. Today we’ll give you some of the traits of a reliable residential moving company in Chicago that will make it easier to hire the right ones.

They respect your time

Be it that you’re moving your home or apartment you want your movers to arrive at the scheduled time. There are not many ways for movers to disrespect you more other than to arrive late. And we’re not talking about 10 minutes or half an hour late. Unfortunately, we heard about some horror stories where the movers arrived a couple of days late. Our residential movers Chicago always keep to their word. In case that there’s huge traffic in Chicago, and that can happen, we always make sure to start earlier. In the worst-case scenario, we call our client and explain the situation. You don’t have to pay your hard-earned money for someone just so that they arrive hours late.

Movers inside a moving van
One of the traits of a reliable residential moving company in Chicago is that they arrive on time

The quote is similar to the final price you pay

Unfortunately, there’s a growing trend of scamming and bad moving companies. But what’s their goal and how do you recognize them? Well, they offer prices that are too good to be true. If any reputable moving company would charge that amount they would be losing money. For example, our commercial movers are not a charity and work for money and make sure to offer a fair and marketable price. These companies charge you the deposit and you never hear from them again. That’s why reliable moving companies charge you more or less the amount they quoted you. That’s a sign of professionals that know what they’re doing.

They have all the licenses and insurances needed to operate in Chicago

Above all, one of the traits of a reliable residential moving company in Chicago is that they have everything they need to operate a moving business. Those include licenses from the FMCSA and state and nation-wide licenses, and insurance policies depending on the client’s needs. The same goes for our long-distance movers as they always show every document upon request to get the trust of their new clients. That’s completely ok to ask as you can’t trust strangers with your belongings. Never do business with a company that tries to hide information from you.

Among the traits of a reliable residential moving company in Chicago is good communication

You can’t have a good moving experience if you’re not always on the line with someone from the moving company. That’s why it’s important to know how your residential movers plan to help you out. Or when problems potentially occur, it’s good to know that you will have people to talk to. With professionals with a good reputation, everything is much easier to do. Every step of the move will be talked about with you. In no way shape or form will you ever be kept in the dark by the movers.  

Movers handling boxes
Communication is key for every quality move

Experience is what makes good residential moving companies in Chicago stand out

When a company has years or even decades of experience it’s much easier to complete your move. There’s nothing that can be a surprise for them and they’ve already seen everything. For that reason, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re choosing between reliable residential moving companies in Chicago, make sure to pick the one with better references or more experience. above all, by doing so you guarantee yourself that your relocation will be done by capable movers.

Best tools and equipment are part of the traits of a reliable residential moving company in Chicago

Moving companies usually take care of their equipment and moving trucks. Especially in times of the pandemic, you need to have everything clean and sanitized. For that reason, if you see a dirty moving truck and old equipment it’s maybe not a bad idea to think twice about your choice of residential mover. However, that doesn’t mean that a company is bad per se. However, you want to have the best people with the best tools to handle your move. There’s nothing wrong with that and checking out what they’ll use to help you out and that’s not a bad idea.

Traits of a reliable residential moving company in Chicago include good reviews

The traits of a reliable residential moving company in Chicago include great and positive reviews online. However, it’s not as easy as opening your browser and opening any site you stumble upon. For that reason, it’s a good idea to check out the Better Business Bureau and similar reputable websites. Only by keeping safe and taking care of yourself can you really be sure that you’ve picked the best residential mover in Chicago for you. Always make sure to trust the reviews that sound neutral and you’re good to go.

A woman looking at her laptop and drinking coffee
good reviews are a good sign that you’ve chosen a great residential moving company

Making sure that your movers have all the traits of a reliable residential moving company in Chicago is crucial. Only by doing so can you be completely sure that your relocation will be done without problems from start to finish. You will never have to encounter problems with your relocation if you choose the right movers for your job. Whatever company you choose to handle your residential move, we wish you the best of luck with it. And of course, make sure to explore your new part of Chicago.

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