Moving DIY is a popular way of relocating among people. The reasons for it are different, but the most common is to save money. Relocating entirely by yourself is a challenging task that comes with certain risks. However, packing and moving smaller, and lighter items is significantly easier. The real challenge arises when trying to transport heavy furniture safely. There are reasons why you shouldn’t move bulky household items by yourself, and hire movers to help you out instead. Keep reading to learn more about the difficulties of moving heavy objects on your own.

You need a lot of equipment to move bulky household items on your own

Moving heavy furniture requires strength and manpower. However, even with muscles and the right technique, there is a lot of necessary equipment. Buying all the items for relocating furniture can be really costly. On top of that, you need to buy quality packing supplies, unless you’re not hiring packing services, to preserve the safety of your belongings during transport. After you have obtained everything you need, you have to learn how to properly use it. This will take a portion of your time, and is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t move bulky household items on your own. Some of the necessary equipment is :

  • Moving straps,
  • Gloves,
  • Dollies,
  • Sliders,
  • Ramps.
Professional movers can safely moving bulky household items
You shouldn’t move bulky household items by yourself because it requires both the right technique and equipment.

You shouldn’t move bulky household items by yourself to avoid damage

Even though it may not seem like it, even heavy furniture is quite delicate and prone to damage. The best way to avoid damage during transport is to pack them well, and also move them carefully. The problem with moving bulky household items is that unfortunately, any slip can lead to damage. You may bump into a wall, or drop an item on the floor, which can then impair both your furniture and house. It is especially important to consider professional piano movers Chicago, when you have to move extremely delicate and valuable objects, such as bulky instruments.

You don’t have insurance as you would with professional movers

The value of furniture and other heavy belongings is usually high. That is why one of the many benefits of hiring professional movers to help you is insurance. Even with the best pool table movers Chicago accidents can happen. That is why having insurance is essential if something gets damaged or lost during transport.

You shouldn't move bulky household items by yourself but with professional movers
The insurance will help you if damages happen during relocation.

Moving bulky items on your own can lead to injury

One of the biggest problems when it comes to moving bulky furniture on your own is the risk of injuries during lifting. Lifting heavy items is no easy task. Without proper stretching and technique, you could injure yourself. Back problems are especially common after moving. In order to avoid potentially injuring yourself and making your relocating even more stressful you shouldn’t move bulky household items by yourself. Hiring professional movers to help you may be the best solution for a safe relocation!

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