There is one thing left for you to do after you are done moving to Chicago. And that is to learn what are top 5 fall activities in Chicago are. Today, US Moving Experts will tell you what you can do for fun after you move in. Just follow our picks and you’ll have a wonderful time.

Taking a nice walk is one of the simplest fall activities in Chicago

What makes Chicago so beautiful this time of year is the fact that you can just walk around and enjoy the wonderful and colorful autumn city. There are so many places you can visit and have a wonderful time. And you will walk over some golden leaves that are lying everywhere in the parks. Why not visit Lincoln Park, Morton Arboretum, or Jackson Park? There you will have a wonderful time. And we are certain that you will rest after you just moved your heavy household items to Chicago. It will certainly mean a lot.

Celebrate Halloween

This is a wonderful time of year because there are many activities you can do here. And one of the most artistic, spiritual, and beautiful is certainly Halloween. Why not see many glowing pumpkin displays, parades, visit haunted places, etc. You should do it. But, before you move to Chicago, you should try to organize your moving budget. That way you will have more money for activities here. One way to do it is to know how to cut costs when moving. That will help you for sure.

Father and daughter celebrating Halloween as one of the Fall activities in Chicago
You can celebrate Halloween as one of the Fall activities in Chicago

Go for a boat ride

It’s not winter, and it’s not that cold! Go for boat tours in Chicago. You will see a lot of magnificent things. There is some beautiful architecture you should check out. And the tours are led by the experts from Chicago Architecture Center. You can even take some nice photos. And if you are a beginner photograph, you can learn some quick photography tips. It will mean a lot to get ahead in the game.

Explore the neighborhood architecture

Chicago is one of those places that has a lot of different architecture styles. You can see the influence from all around the world. And all of that neatly compacted in one place. You should read about Chicago Architecture History to fill out any blanks. It will help you fill in any kind of blanks.

Image of river and buildings
Chicago has wonderful architecture you can visit

Fall activities in Chicago include some amazing food festivals

Just like with the architecture, there are many restaurants you can visit. Why not try cuisine from different parts of the world? We are certain that you will find something to your taste. And what better way to get to know a place better than to try out some food.

These are the top fall activities in Chicago you can do this year. After reading this article, you will know what you can do after you are done moving. There are many others, but we thought these are the most interesting ones. Keep reading our blog and learn more.

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