Moving can be quite an ordeal. In fact, it is always listed as one of the most stressful things a person can experience. However, according to recent data, an average person will move 11.4 times in their life! That means that this is a fairly common occurrence. So don’t worry, this is something you will most likely do plenty of times. By the time you get to your 5th move, you will have become a pro! One of the main issues people have with moving, though, is how much it costs. Whatever your reason for moving may be, you probably don’t want to spend too much money. So, we are here to help with some tips on saving money when you move.

Plan a budget

Like with many things in life, you simply cannot rush into this. You will need to make a budget plan. It doesn’t have to be detailed, but it does need to be made. Saving money when you move means knowing how much money you can actually spend.

Go online, ask around, but try to calculate the most common costs. This is important because moving can turn out to be quite pricey if you’re not careful. There are many online tools for helping you at least get in the ballpark.

We suggest that you make a list of necessary costs. This can include gas if you decide to move by yourself. Then you make a “maybe” list, which is great for savings. For instance, as you will see later on, packing supplies can fit snuggly on the “maybe” list. This is a list which can be “amended” later on. That is, this is the list from which you will cut unnecessary costs.

Hand holding pen
Making a plan is always useful

Organize a yard/garage sale

One of the most important steps in saving money when you move is organizing a sale. The golden rule here is – you want as fewer things as possible when you move. Moving is the perfect opportunity of getting rid of things you no longer need! That old chair that you just haven’t had the heart to throw out? Gone! That ugly sweater your aunt gave you for Christmas? Gone! And, possibly for a pretty penny! Now you have a chance of not only de-cluttering your home but also earning money. Moreover, fewer things mean fewer things to pack and unpack. Choosing what to pack can also cause unnecessary stress and the sale will be a big help there. Your future self will be grateful for the sale. Pack less, earn more.

Decide – DIY or moving company

You need to decide whether you will be moving on your own or if you will hire professionals. Moving on your own is usually much cheaper. You can even rent a truck and drive it yourself. In that case, you need to take care and choose a right-sized truck. Remember, the bigger truck you rent, the more money you pay. Try to estimate the number of things you have and the size of the truck you need. Also, if you are moving somewhere far away, make sure that you can drop off the truck at a different location. There’s no point in moving and then having to return the truck right away! After all, saving money when you move is the goal; it cannot be achieved with spending too much on gas/transport.

Instead of hiring professionals to help you pack and move, you can also ask your friends or family members. It will be faster and cheaper, and, probably, much more fun!

Saving money when you move can mean asking help from your close ones
You can always ask your friends to help you move

However, in case you choose to completely save yourself the hassle, you might decide to hire a moving company. There are many companies which offer good deals for students or seniors. See if they offer any discounts. There are also many tricks you can use to find an affordable moving company. This does not have to be too expensive, and it does reduce the pressure of the move. That’s why they are professionals!

Choose the offseason/weekdays for your move

There are some reasons that are very popular for moving, such as spring, summer or early fall. The weather is nice and it’s in-between school years. That is why many families decide to move precisely then. However, that is also why many moving companies charge more then. Even renting a truck can cost you more during those months. If you arrange your move during the offseason, this can significantly lower the cost of your move.

Note, however, that there are even differences in the parts of the week and month you choose. For instance, moving during the weekend costs more. If you can, choose a weekday for your move. The beginnings and ends of months are also very busy with moving companies. That means a more expensive move for you. Some companies even offer discounts if you move during weekdays or in the middle of the month. However, don’t do this if it’s too much of a stretch! Once again, you need to choose between convenience and price. There’s a reason why those times are so popular!

Saving money when you move – the little things count

There are also many other, minute ways of saving money when you move.  They may not be as satisfying as getting a 10-percent discount from your moving company, but they are satisfying nonetheless.

  • Bubble wrap be gone! This is something that is not particularly necessary. No, not even when moving something as delicate as crystal glasses. You can use many things you already have instead of bubble wrap when packing fragile items. For instance, old newspapers, towels, even blankets for those glasses you want to protect so much.
  • Get free boxes. Usually, some larger stores can give you their used boxes. You just need to ask nicely. These boxes are usually in good condition and will serve their purpose. And hey, you can even file this one under recycling!
  • Ship books. If you need to move plenty of books, and they take up a lot of space, it may be cheaper to actually ship them than actually moving them by yourself. The postal service has some good options for bulk shipping.
Shipping books can help you save money
Sometimes it’s cheaper to ship books

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