International moving is always stressful. And moving internationally during the coronavirus pandemic is even more stressful. This is because of the added level of anxiety in the last few months. Despite the pandemic, peak moving season is always between April and September. And this year is no exception. Unluckily, the novel COVID-19 has put a stop to the normal routines of everyday life both in the USA and in other countries. Recommended social distancing slows down the moving process. On the other hand, many people still have reasons to move. If you decide to conduct your move, you will still have many concerns. Are the moving services even still available? How does moving during a pandemic work though? Our US Moving Experts team will give our best to help you find the answers to these questions.

Moving internationally during the coronavirus pandemic

Moving companies are just as busy as they are each summer, but with new protocols in place to keep everyone safe. Therefore, they work very hard to conform to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Fortunately, we have not seen any notable shutdowns of service among major moving companies. That being said, decisions about changes and closures may be left to individual franchise owners.

Washing hands
It is not so hard to adjust to recommendable practice.

In case you have already scheduled your move with international movers Chicago and haven’t heard anything, maybe you are worried about what may happen. Well, assume that your moving company is still providing services unless told otherwise. But still, feel free to call just to confirm. Right now it is hard to say what will and will not be available in the months to come. Of course, we are all hoping for the best. Before moving day, ask directly what steps you should take during the moving process.

Stay safe while moving internationally during the coronavirus pandemic

Unquestionably, the pandemic has changed people’s behavior all around the world. The fear for the lives of people we love and our own lives has an influence on our behavior in general. And when life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade. If we are responsible, we can go through this safe and sound. Thus, the moving industry needs to change some moving processes, too. This will change the customer experience itself, including frequent hand washing among movers and no unnecessary physical contact between movers and clients. But the most important thing is that we will still have an opportunity to conduct our moves. It is great news for many reliable moving companies, but also for people who cannot delay their moving dates.

What if you need a storage service?

For now, major storage companies continue to provide their services. Feel free to contact them if you need to rent storage units. It is, however, reasonable to expect limited hours of accessibility to most of the storage facilities. Also, you can even expect a reduction in the number of customers who are able to access their storage units at any one time. This is a great way of prevention spreading the virus among customers but also employees. Storage companies will also be following proper hygiene practices. It will include the sanitization of access pads and the requisite six feet or more of space between customers and customers and employees.

It is time for estimates

Just as in normal years, you will want to get estimates from at least two or three moving companies. As soon as you find out the date of the move, you will need to calculate moving costs for your international move. Don’t be surprised if your movers offer you virtual quotes. You perhaps know that some moving companies were already doing virtual or online estimates before the pandemic. Right now many others are also offering that choice in case potential customers want to limit access to their home.

Moving Internationally During the Coronavirus Pandemic
It is safer to opt for virtual estimates.

Remember, health and safety are always a top priority. Consequently,  think twice if an on-site estimate is unavoidable. In case you are in a high-risk group, including those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes and asthma or those who are over the age of 60, opt for a virtual estimate. If you prefer an in-home estimate, the estimator will wear a mask and will ask that you do, too.

How to prepare for your international move

If you ask movers what is the best way to prepare for the move, they will say it is a plan. Well, that goes double for a move during the coronavirus. Buy all of your supplies in one go and ensure that you leave yourself enough time to pack and get ready for your movers.

Corona virus
Make sure to have a plan.

To prepare for a move amidst COVID-19, keep the following steps in mind:

  1. Contact your movers. Confirm your reservation and discuss best practices for moving day.
  2. Purchase moving supplies online
  3. Clean as you pack. This is always recommendable, especially when moving internationally during the coronavirus pandemic.
  4. Finish packing at least 24 hours before the movers arrive Coronavirus can last a long time on surfaces. Your movers will be wearing gloves, but for everyone’s safety, make sure to pack your boxes least a day before your movers arrive.

Moving day

Be smart when moving internationally during the coronavirus pandemic. Make sure to follow all of the standard pandemic rules and apply them to your move. Social distancing and sanitization requirements need to be upheld while moving. So ensure that all family members who will be present when moves come have a mask. Remember: these precautions are in place to protect you, your loved ones, your movers, and everyone involved.

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