First of all, we all know that moving is always complicated and stressful. There are a couple of tips on how to make moving less stressful – as much as possible.

Make a list or lists

When you have decided to move for any reason, then prepare in advance. You need to make a checklist or a task list to make sure you won’t forget anything. Make a few lists if that’s what you need to be organized. Put everything on a paper or on your phone. Just make sure that it is handy. You don’t want to write it on your tablet or laptop because that will be also be packed and transported when the moving day comes.

So start from the beginning.

When you decide to move, you can start to plan your relocation. It is never too early for planning. First, you can slowly decide on what you want to pack and what you are leaving. The items that you are leaving can be clothes, small furniture or decoration. It is always nice if you have somebody close that you can give. Also, you can always donate some of the well-conserved pieces, don’t just throw them away.

A checklist should have step by step assignments that you need to do. If you are finishing task by task, you will see that this is great to make moving less stressful. This gives you the feeling that everything is in your hands.

Stress and Relax street sign
Make sure to do one thing at the time to make moving less stressful

Packing and packing supplies

Even if your moving day is not that close you can start to prepare packing supplies. First, it is so important that you have the right packing supplies. This includes boxes, tapes, large and small bags and similar items. People usually want to save some money so they get their supplies, boxes for example, from the stores that aren’t meant for moving. It is actually important what type of box you have for packing. The moving box is designed for moving and transport. You want to make sure that it is durable. Your stuff will be safer if you have the right kind. Sometimes it is better to spend a little more money at first, then to repair damage or replace damaged goods. That is if the items are even replaceable.

Be sure that when you pack your stuff into boxes take them to a hallway. If you don’t have hallway then try to clear a room by room. It is important that you don’t just move around packed boxes. So you don’t feel crowded and overwhelmed. When you do this the right way, you will make moving less stressful.

Another very important thing when packing is to fill all the voids inside the boxes. Don’t leave the void so your stuff can’t move around and break. You can always use soft sheets or pillows if your budget doesn’t allow you to spend too much. Remember once again to fill the void.

Moving company or friends and family

This is something you need to think through. Because people usually think that hiring a movers costs too much, they rather do it alone. There are numerous reasons for hiring a moving company, but the most important is to make moving less stressful. You shouldn’t have second thoughts if your budget allows you to hire professionals. Then you have somebody who does this for a living to give you proper advice on everything. Everybody needs help, you just have to choose the right kind. Make sure to choose a reliable company. Research well before you hire them and make sure that they provide all the services that you need. Hiring moving experts will provide you easier moving and the right kind of help.

Ask your friends or family to help you to pack. Think about storage services. This will also make moving less stressful. You can rent a storage for your stuff and make a relocation easier. There are different types of storages so check and see what is the right for your belongings. Maybe you can ask an advice from your movers to recommend or provide storage service.

Choose the right time for moving less stressful

Maybe you think it doesn’t matter when you will be moving. Think again because there is a lot of difference. Always try to avoid moving during the holidays. It is always hectic in that time of year. Especially during the holiday weekend.
Beside holidays try to avoid weekday rush hours. The time when most people come or go from work. A traffic jam can be stressful even without you having to transport your whole house. If you are moving locally then you probably already know the best day to do so.

Get to know your new neighborhood

Woman eating pizza in a restaurant
Now you can avoid cooking for a few days at least.

If you get familiar with your new surroundings it will make moving less stressful. Maybe you can check out some new restaurants or places for you to go out. If you are moving with your kids, take them to meet some new neighbors. Find a playground or parks where you can take them. They will cope a lot easier if it doesn’t feel too new.

When you are moving from a small town to a big city you will easily find a few new places for you to hang out.

Keep in touch

Use your free time to stay in touch with friends and family. They will be the biggest help for you when you are adapting to a fresh start. Don’t be lazy to call them. They know you well so they know your habits and can always give you some smart advice. It is always hard at first, but bear in mind the reason for you moving. Use that and start new, now you can change everything you didn’t like before.

Drink your favorite beverage to make moving less stressful
Make time to meet with your friends.

Take your time

Take your time to get accustomed and make some new traditions. This doesn’t apply when it comes to unpacking. You need to unpack as soon as possible so you don’t stress about pia le of boxes where you can’t find anything.

Give yourself goals and accomplish them one by one. Why not reward yourself as well. Anyway, you know what is the best way for you to make a moving less stressful, so do as you think you should. You can listen to advise but in the end, you know what works the best for you.

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