For storing wooden furniture, a few things are highly important to understand. As one of the first, wood absorbs water, so you will need to prevent damages that humidity could cause. Wood is a strong but sensitive material, and it is not hard to scratch or damage. Once damaged, it’s quite difficult to repair it. Luckily, there are ways to prevent scratches and protect wooden furniture properly so you don’t waste you time, effort, and money on packing and storing it the wrong way. The best way is to find an experienced moving company that’s happy to share all their knowledge with you. Luckily, you can rely on US Moving Experts without a worry on your mind.

Storing wooden furniture is important for your home

Moving wooden furniture is difficult for many reasons – protection during the moving process being one of them. If we consider that a few things could damage it, we should pay attention to them when preparing for a move. You should use these pieces of advice even if you rent out storage Chicago to be safe. There are protective materials on the market that you can use when preparing for moving, as well.

Storing wooden furniture can be difficult

Clean the wooden furniture before storing

Although you will care for your furniture in different places, put it into the truck, and then remove it, it will get dirt many times. However, you should clean the furniture before the process starts, even if it seems like a pointless step. That way, you will prevent scratches and protect the furniture from small damages that dust and dirt can make. You will also make cleaning after local moving easier.

  • Clean the dust from your furniture by using a mop, cleaning soap, and a sponge;
  • After the furniture is dry, use furniture polishing oil and add another layer for protection;
  • Before storing wooden furniture, wipe with a cloth one more time.

Repair small damages

Used furniture always has small damages, loose nails, or damaged corners. If you do not repair them, it could cause serious damage during packing, loading, and unloading the truck. However, you will see that we usually adapt to the damages and forget to repair them earlier. To avoid problems during the long-distance moving, you should inspect before you start packing.

What after the furniture is prepared?

The easiest way to store wooden furniture is to keep it in professional storage. They have climatization, and professionals will take care of the safety of you furniture. You will need to protect it properly from dust and damage.

Disassemble the furniture

Although you can put furniture in storage in one piece, experts advise you not to do that. There are reasons why it is much better to store it separated into smaller pieces. You should use a professional tools for that purpose and consult professionals. Remember that it is not easy to disassemble the furniture if you are not a professional at it. Before getting into it, learn all about the process and get the tools you need.

You should be able to clean all properly before storing

Cover the furniture using proper materials

Regardless of if you store furniture in storage or your basement, you should protect it from dust, pests, and dirt. To ensure it is properly protected, use towels, blankets, or bed sheets. Make sure you have covered the whole pieces so that nothing can pierce the protective material. If you have chosen professional and climate-controlled storage for storing wooden furniture, you have surely protected it the best you could.

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