Whenever you’re moving to a different space it can be very challenging and it comes with many difficult decisions. Be it that you need to downsize or generally get rid of stuff it’s never fun. However, we from the US Moving Experts have a few tips to make your life easier. Here’s how to make moving into a smaller space a more efficient and less stressful process overall. Step by step you’ll feel like there’s no difference in space between your old and new home or office.

Prepare yourself for moving into a smaller space

For every type of relocation, you need to get into the right mental state. Especially when you move from a bigger space into a smaller one. If you lived your whole life in a spacious home it might sting a bit when you relocate to a home with less space. However, our residential movers Chicago can tell you about some of the positive things you can expect in a smaller space. For example, cleaning will never be easier when you have rooms to clean. In the end, you don’t have to focus on your living and working space. There’s always the feeling of living in a great neighborhood. And for that reason, it’s ok to lose some space in order to find yourself in a better environment.

Gir looking out of the window
Be prepared mentally before moving into a smaller space

Use this chance to declutter

Decluttering is always a great option when you’re moving. Above all, it’s a lifesaver when you’re moving into a smaller space. Whatever the situation might be in your family home or your office you can do wonders if you don’t bring unnecessary items with you from your old office or home. That’s why our commercial movers Chicago always tell you to get rid of as many items as possible. Be it that you end up donating, recycling, or throwing out some furniture, clothes, or appliances you’ll be better off in your new home without them.

Make sure every space has its function when moving into a smaller space

After downsizing it’s important to give every space in your home a role. The more you think about your rooms the better idea you’ll get on how they can be of service to you. For example, even if you have narrow halls you can still put some hooks to hang your clothes if a closet won’t fit. Get creative as much as you can and we’re sure that you will find the best possible purpose for every room you have. There’s never too much space for storing clothes and other items, so opening more of it by using tricks is a great way to save on space, time, and money.

A small living room
Everything needs to have its place in your home or office

Take out your measure tape

Before you think about your new space you need to measure the old. Check all the furniture, big appliances, or bulky items that you might have around the home and measure their dimensions. Of course, it’s a good thing to know the dimensions of your new home and let your local movers Chicago know about them. By doing so, they will be able to tell you if and where your belongings might fit the best. With a little bit of effort and organization, your move to a smaller space won’t be so drastic as it seems.

Use the vertical space and multi-functioning furniture

When you’re in a tricky situation space-wise you need to get creative and find ways to open up more room. One of the ways is to get multi-functional furniture that can serve more purposes than just holding items and clothes. Another quality of your home can be the vertical space as it can help you store more items than just leaving them all around. The less floor space you use the better will your home or office look. Your priorities should always be to open up more space and to do so you need to prioritize your space and important items.

Make your small space look bigger

Always use space to the maximum extent. It can always be a great advantage for you and your belongings. Especially if you find furniture with many shelves that can store some of your belongings. That can really open up your space visually and create an illusion that your small space really looks big. Another good tip is to put your lightning and mirrors in places where they create illusions of a bigger space. With the right tools and creative ideas, you can make any space useful.

An enterance to a ship
Everything needs to have a purpose in order to save the most amount of space

Storage solutions can be helpful when moving into a smaller space

When you have too much important stuff you can’t throw it or give it away. For that reason, it’s time to use other methods of getting them saved. One of the best and expensive things you can do is to put your items in storage. That’s why the storage services Chicago are for, providing you with the best security and safety money can buy for any type of item. On the other hand, you can always choose between short and long-term storage. Depending on your situation you might need more or less time. That’s why a storage unit is a perfect space to keep everything safe until you need it.

Living in a small space isn’t for everybody. Especially when you’re moving into a smaller space all of a sudden. However, with certain perks and changes, you can create a living or working space that fits your needs. You can always use some tips like decorating according to feng shui to make your space more habitable and overall better for living. Those small steps can make huge differences if you give every room its purpose. Enjoy your new home or office and we’re sure you’ll be happy however big or small your space might seem.

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