Need to prepare your house to move? When you have a big family, packing the entire household is a big challenge. Since every move requires a lot of planning, you need to take time for preparations. Although having a large family means you have much more than only one pair of hands, the reality is not so simple. Even if your family members are willing to participate in all moving processes long, there is no doubt the relocation will still be demanding. Besides, moving house with a large family is a reason to be careful when it comes to your budget. Despite hiring a moving company being expensive, now it is all you need.

Organization is crucial for moving house with a large family

From the moment when you start considering a potential move, remember to set a family meeting and discuss all the important details. Not only you but also your spouse need to choose the best time to move. Also, your kids should be involved and according to their needs, you should choose the best place to move to.  So the best advice you will get from our US moving experts when moving home with a large family is to make your plans together. Hence, ask your children what they think about the move and make sure to do not to hide anything from them.

Moving house
Moving a house with a large family is a serious task and requires a lot of planning.

Prepare your children for moving house

The worst thing that could happen is to make your children feel like they are just dragged from their warm homes. For sure you don’t want to let this happen. Instead of secrets, make sure to have honest communication with your children. The more they know, the less stressed out they will be. Additionally, be gentle and explain the reasons for the upcoming move. Share the information about the move with all family members. This way they will be introduced with a moving plan and ready to adjust to new circumstances.

Make your kids feel included

Leaving the comfort your kids used to feel in the current home makes them feel fear of the unknown. But, that is not where the story ends. In order to make moving pleasant to your children, take time and prepare them well. Even if you think there are more important tasks such as decluttering your house before the move, finding reliable movers, there is nothing more important then your children.

So, explain to your kids they will be as loved, safe, and comfortable in the new home as they are now. What else you can do to make them feel included? Ask them if they are willing to help you pack and prepare their belongings for the move? Ask them about new activities they want to try in a new city? What your children would like to discover in a new town? How they would like to set up their new room? When will they be able to invite their old friends to visit them in a new place? As you can realize, including your kids in the moving process will make them feel more excited and less worried.

Tips for Moving House with a Large Family
Ask your kids to help you out.

Let your kids sort and prepare their things for packing

Believe it or not, moving house with a large family is a perfect opportunity to make your family stronger. Although this is a complex task for all family members, it is also a chance to learn an important lesson. Not only we are learning an important emotional lesson about feelings that comes from leaving friends and dear neighbors, but also a practical lesson when it comes to organization.

Once you show your kids how to pack their belongings for the move they will know how to use that knowledge anytime they need. So, in case your children are old enough to take care of their things, there is no need to miss out on a chance to learn something useful. Therefore, get them involved in the packing process. Give each child a task they need to accomplish in a certain time frame. Besides, encourage your kids to sort their items and get rid of items they don’t use anymore.

Moving house with a large family is an opportunity to teach your kids proper packing

Ather your children finish sorting their things up, give them a few moving boxes and show them how to do packing correctly. This is a chance for them to learn how to treat their fragile and breakable items. If they are old enough, show them how to wrap and protect fragile items. They will learn how to reuse packing supplies you already have in your garage or home. Above all, teach them how to separate their items according to their weight and materials they are made off. For instance, show them how to create a list of supplies you will need for packing certain items. This lesson will ease their lives anytime they have to pack for a journey. From now on they will be more careful when treating their fragile items.

Teach your children how to pack their things properly.

Make each family member excited about moving house

If you are moving house with a large family because of your new job, it does not mean your family members have to be sad about leaving the current home. If you can, make sure to choose a time period that will be convenient for everyone in a family. Follow the next steps and consider all relevant facts before deciding on a moving date:

  • How soon can you leave your current job? Is your move urgent because of the new job?
  • How soon your partner can leave a current job?
  • When do you need to leave your current home? What is an agreement if you have already sold your property?
  • Is it better for your children to move during the summer break or during the school year?  Are your children interested in Chicago schools and universities?
  • Can you afford a moving house with a large family in the peak season?

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