We know that living in a cluttered space has a huge influence on many aspects of our lives. Consequently, we all when to change the space that is not suitable for us anymore. Sometimes, this means we will need to clean and organize our space better. Otherwise, more likely this will mean we just have to relocate. When you own a piano or similar bulky items, you will have to enlist help in both cases. As moving a piano safely is your concern, let our US Moving Experts help you out.

How to conduct moving a piano safely?

Most of us love doing big tasks by themselves, especially when this consider an opportunity to save some money. However, when it comes to moving your belongings safely, things are more complex. Sometimes we just don’t know if we can handle certain tasks. So when it comes to moving a piano safely you will probably have many doubts. First and foremost, you will wonder should you conduct this by yourself or should you hire some of the most reliable piano movers Chicago has. How to decide if it is better to do it by yourself? Or is hiring professional piano movers a better idea? Well, you will need to put on the table the pros and cons of both ways. What will force you to decide will be certain facts we will mention below. Prepare your notes and start writing down.

Moving a piano safely
Prepare to move your piano.

Is moving a piano safely easier with the help of professionals?

Different types of pianos require different approaches. If you’re not an expert but just an amateur enthusiast, odds are that there are many things about pianos that you don’t know. So, did you know that it is common for pianos to have more than 10,000 moving parts? Relocating such a delicate, heavy, and complex instrument without damaging it can be demanding. According to this, professionals are best equipped to do this safely. But if you still want to do it yourself, it will take a bit of preparation and a lot of help. Moreover, there is a serious amount of equipment, supplies, and materials you will need.

For all mentioned reasons, here is what to consider:

  • The material and emotional value of your piano
  • How much will it cost to rent or buy the required equipment for moving a piano safely?
  • Do you have a flexible time schedule or moving a piano is already appointed? Is moving a piano urgent?
  • How many days you will have to spend to find the appropriate moving supplies and materials?
  • Are you able to reuse packing supplies from previous moves? Or you will hate to purchase most of the necessary supplies?
  • How many helpers you can count on during disassembly and lifting your piano?
  • What are the charges and expenses for renting a moving truck?

Moving a piano safely by yourself

As you may notice, there are so many things that you have to include in your count. What we did not mention is a situation when you just want to move your piano to a storage unit for some reason. It is more likely you will prepare it yourself in this situation. Bur also, after you create a list of the pros and cons of DIY and professional piano service, you may decide for the first option. In this case, we are glad to help you anyway. Moreover, our skilled piano movers will reveal professional tips and tricks for moving a piano carefully. So keep reading and prepare to move your precious instrument.

Get the right equipment

Rent or purchase a furniture dolly but also heavy-duty straps. The mentioned equipment will provide a better hold on the piano itself. Besides, it will also support the weight of the piano. Importantly, straps are crucial because you can also use them to secure the piano to the dolly and in the moving truck. Do not forget to rent or purchase padding and moving blankets to protect the piano from bumps. Those layers will help protect walls from cracks and scrapes, too. In case you have any equipment doubts, don’t let it ruin your task. Be free to talk to a moving truck rental agency or a moving supply center. Check on Amazon and purchase supplies for packing. Go to the nearest hardware store and look for the materials you need.

Make sure to gather not only essential but also specialized equipment.

Protect the keyboard

Your heart could be broken is you damage your precious instrument. So make sure to be as careful as possible. Remember, keys are extremely fragile and your task is to protect them. One of the first things you should do before lifting is to close and lock the keyboard lid. This step will prevent it from opening during the move. In case the keyboard lid does not lock, ensure to close the lid when you wrap the piano. Avoid using tape to keep the lid closed as this will damage the wood surfaces.

Piano keyboard
When it comes to a piano keyboard, remember to be extremely careful.

Wrap the piano

Moving a piano safely includes wrapping it. Wrap the piano with the blankets or padding. Check if the corners are protected and secure the blanket with packing tape. But remember to keep the tape from contact with the piano’s surface. Make sure that the blanket or padding is thick enough to ensure the piano’s protection.

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