Moving is a complex thing. But it becomes an even bigger tangled mess when you’re moving from state to state. Technically speaking, you could do it yourself. But, is it worth the trouble? Not only will it take longer, but you’re also risking injury on a moving day, and that is not something you want. With so many moves happening throughout the year, it is a miracle when things go smoothly and according to plan. For your move to go as planned, you should consider hiring the most reliable interstate movers Chicago has.

DIY interstate move or hiring some of the best interstate movers Chicago?

Unquestionably, you should develop a master plan before you move. Take time and be free to get any help that you need. So don’t hesitate and gather everyone in your household and create together a plan list. But how to do this if you are moving for the first time? That is why US Moving Experts are here. Our main goal is to remind you of the important steps of your plan list. Also, we are here to support you while you are creating your customized moving strategy. You will figure out very soon if you can handle your move by yourself or you should take help from professionals. When you consider some important facts, there will be no more doubts.

It is time for creating to-do lists, plans, interstate moving checklists, etc.

When it comes to moving interstate, you don’t want to waste your time and money. Moreover, there are so many ways to stay organized and focused on your tasks and obligations. Creating a good plan will keep you away from making moving mistakes. First and foremost, you should prepare your budget. Secondly, determine your needs according to the number of belongings in your possession. Besides, you will need to contact all relevant service providers and determine if you’ll need a professional intrastate moving service Chicago. But how to find trustworthy cross country movers Chicago which is affordable at the same time? With our little help, you will make it. Despite the upcoming expenses, we will help you find the balance between your budget and your needs. Above all, dealing only with the most reputable interstate movers Chicago has is the default.

Interstate movers Chicago
The plan list should also include calculated costs

Consider hiring some of the specialized moving services or partial services

Unquestionably, you can handle some parts of the moving process yourself. Otherwise, you can hire professional movers to pack, transport and unpack everything for you. What you should know is that your long-distance movers Chicago can provide you with any type of service you need. Therefore, be free to ask your cross country movers Chicago for the cost of these partial services as well as their schedule. Namely, many people opt for intermediate options, such as hiring movers to take only the largest, most awkward items. You could also pack up everything yourself and let the movers drive the truck to your new home.

Additionally, your plan list should include a strategy for packing and transporting bulky and fragile items. For example, even if you plan to move most of your things by yourself is still means you will choose and hire professional piano movers to carry your loved instrument. Although you are moving long-distance, you will not take a risk to damage or destroy your valuables. Investing your money in professional interstate service will save you from headaches. Also, you will not have to worry about the necessary supplies and protection of your belongings.


interstate movers Chicago driving under an overpass
Interstate moving means your items will travel from one state to the other, which modifies the price

With interstate moving, your items will travel across state borders to reach their destination. Moving between states generally costs more, but with the professional help of professional cross country movers Chicago, it will be well worth it. To make your move a dream, we have prepared a few tips on selecting the best movers out there.

Always check the company’s license and insurance

It’s important to note that all interstate movers Chicago are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They are a branch of the US Department of Transportation. As such, all movers that work between the states have a unique number in the USDOT registry. Make sure your selected company has this number by searching through the database. If there is no number, there is a high chance you came across a rogue mover looking for quick money. Furthermore, you can check their insurance on the same website. A good mover will offer insurance in case something goes wrong, and offer extra insurance in case of delicate items like pool tables or art. Ask your mover about the different types of insurance they offer.

Reliable interstate movers Chicago will give you an accurate estimate

Over the phone estimates are decent, and they offer a rough idea of the price difference. However, nothing beats an in-house estimate since it can never vary. When hiring the best interstate movers Chicago, always ask for this type of estimation. With it, you will have a solid number and the company will be able to prepare. The company representative should have a detailed look at your home, room by room. They should be thorough and check all storage spaces, and the garage too. This way, they can know exactly how big the load will be, and how to prepare for it. A big part of the price is based on the total weight and bulk of your items.

1 dollar bank notes scattered on the floor
The final price greatly depends on what type of move you are going for

Apart from the size, price is also determined based on the distance that has to be covered. Seeing as the distance remains constant, this is another part of the price which doesn’t vary. Lastly, there are additional fees such as item packing, furniture dismantling, and packing materials. Any service you choose additionally will increase the final price.

Let your mover walk you through the preparation, literally

If the person a company sends just briefly walks through the house, takes a glance at the rooms, and leaves, just walk away. A reliable estimator will slowly walk through your home and engage you. They will go through every room with you and ask questions on how you want the move to go. Also, they will explain how they would usually do it and present you with the best moving scenario. Even if you get the best interstate movers Chicago, you will still have to put some work in. Be prepared to separate which items will go on the truck and which items will go with you. You also want to declutter before a move to make living easier. If you are planning on donating or getting rid of something, label it and set it aside.

Look for recommendations when searching for the best interstate movers Chicago

There is no better way to find your dream mover than to ask around. When looking for recommendations, it’s always best to start local. Ask your family or friends who recently moved to share the experience they had with their chosen company. Those close to you won’t mislead you, so take their advice. Besides word of mouth, going online is also great. Sites like the Better Business Bureau are dedicated to collecting feedback on many different companies, including interstate movers Chicago.

person holding pencil near laptop computer
Friends, family, and online reviews can help out a lot when deciding on a moving company

Here you will be able to see customer reviews and make your decision based on that. Don’t worry though, there will always be negative reviews, nobody is perfect. The important thing, however, is how the company reacts to those negative scores and improves itself. You can also get a reference from the mover directly. Try asking for the contact information of their last three customers and ask about their experience.

Understand what you are signing: study the contract

In addition to the license and moving insurance, the contract is another vital part of a move. Never sign a blank contract, and ask for everything in writing. The final contract should have the entire list of items scheduled for the move. It also needs to clearly show the full price of the move, with all the extra fees included. If an item isn’t on the final move list, you can’t expect it to reach the destination, and it isn’t much you can do about it. To better understand what you are signing, these are the types of contracts interstate movers Chicago use:

  • Binding estimate – This means your contract will show the full guaranteed price with all extra costs. Should you request an additional service after signing the contract, the difference needs to be paid within 30 days of delivery.
  • Non-binding estimate – When this kind of estimate is applied to the contract, it means the company cannot ask more than 10% above what was originally estimated as the final price. The deadline for paying any overages is again 30 days.
  • Non-binding to exceed estimate – This ensures that you won’t need to pay anything above the original estimate. The estimate will be the maximum amount you’ll have to pay and not a cent more.
person writing on paper with a fountain pen
Carefully read and understand your contract to prevent being scammed

If a company seems suspicious, it’s best to walk away

The moving business is full of rogue movers whose main goal is making quick money with no attention to ethics. Some avoid reviews by the Better Business Bureau by often changing their name and logo. Also, the mover’s uniforms and trucks are often not labeled or are simply rented. This makes it harder to track down and gives them more time to scam unsuspecting customers. If you see interstate movers Chicago doing some of these things, simply walk away and continue looking. A good company has a proper work area, with maintained vehicles and equipment, as well as a USDOT license number. When called via phone, the company employees should answer with the business’s full name.

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