So, it’s official. You’re moving into a new home. And now, you’re probably facing the ultimate house moving dilemma. Hiring movers or doing it yourself. The decision is yours, of course. But for a stress-free relocation experience, it is best to choose professionals. The following tips for hiring movers in NYC will guide you through the confusing process of securing the services of a professional mover. You will not only see what to consider when hiring a moving company, but also how to hire good movers. So, here are the top 7 tips for hiring movers in NYC.

Understand the reasons to hire movers

You need to be confident that your decision to use the services of professional movers is the right one. So, is hiring moving company worth it?

  • Long-distance move – You can probably pull off a local move. But, when it comes to moving hundreds or thousands of miles across the country, your should first assess your moving skills properly.
  • Moving on short notice – If you want to know how to organize your move on short notice, it is best to hire movers. Only professionals can handle a last-minute move or move without time for standard organization. They’re trained to work around the clock with enviable speed and efficiency.
  • Special items – Your ultimate moving dilemma becomes very easy to solve if you own some special items, such as a piano, antique furniture, a pool table, and so on.
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Before you start reading the tips for hiring movers in NYC, make sure you know the reasons for the move.

Find out the typical cost of hiring movers

You want to know what to expect when hiring movers. Especially from a financial point of view. You probably know that the upcoming process will be expensive, but you don’t know just how expensive it will be. The only thing that is worth remembering when you hire a relocation company in Manhattan is that the moving price is estimated by using the case-by-case principle.

This means that no one can tell you exactly how much your move will cost. Even the professional movers, unless they visit your home in person and do an in-home cost estimation. And then, you will only get an estimate of the moving cost.

Tips for hiring movers in NYC – get several moving quotes

There’re many things to know when it comes to hiring movers. One of them is the truth that getting only one moving quote from one single mover will not bring you any benefits. You can’t get the best deal if you’re unable to compare several cost estimates, and pick the one that fits your budget. So, get multiple quotes from multiple moving companies and expand your relocation options. You can get an estimate on the web by visiting the website

One of the biggest mistakes when moving is accepting the very first offer that comes your way. So, do some comparative analysis of movers and their price estimates. This is one of the many tips for hiring movers in NYC.

Have your moving cost estimated in your home.

Demand in-home surveys

Besides knowing how to compare moving companies, you need to know to demand in-home surveys. Without experience with the moving company, you may find the entire price estimation process rather baffling. Also, you may think that the right way to get an estimate is either on the phone or via e-mail. But, this list of tips for hiring movers in NYC continues with a warning. Never accept movers’ quotes unless they’re issued after personal in-home surveys of your home.

And without the moving experience, you won’t be able to describe to the movers the approximate dimensions and weight of the items you intend to move. And, as a result, the moving costs estimates you receive won’t be accurate. So, have moving companies representatives at your home for visual inspection. If they don’t want to come, refuse to use their services. Because the best moving companies insist on visiting customers’ homes to issue an accurate moving estimate.

Compare the moving cost estimates

When you know that you have several moving cost estimates, you may think that the easiest part for you will be selecting. But, this isn’t always easy. The top tips for hiring movers in NYC advise you to refrain from looking only at the prices that are quoted in the estimates. Of course, it’s hard to turn down a low-cost offer, especially if it is lower than the rest of the quotes. But, your decision needs to be based on more factors than just the price.

You need to pay close attention to:

  • Final price – This could be the first thing you notice.
  • Additional services – They should be the deal-maker or the deal-breaker.
  • Movers’ reputation – This can’t be ignored when choosing and hiring professional movers. If you want to know where to look for reliable movers, read the customer reviews and look at moving companies’ ratings.

Know the signs of fraudulent movers

Not all movers are honest. Some of them may try to cheat you. But, these tips for hiring movers in NYC can help you choose legitimate, licensed, and upstanding movers. Although, to help you stay away from possible fraud attempts, here are some red flags to remember:

  • Denial of in-home cost estimation – When movers refuse to visit your home in person, then they’re not good enough for you.
  • Low-ball estimates – This is the most common moving scam – the quote that is way lower than the rest. Or it looks too good to be true. Fraudulent movers use this to secure more moving jobs. Then, once they have your household items, they increase the price.
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Be extra careful not to become a victim of moving fraud when hiring relocating specialists.

Do some research about the movers

The best tips for hiring movers in NYC is to research the movers before you pick the one. For researching, you can use the U.S. Department of Transportation. Professional movers have the license by the USDOT. Also, at the American Moving and Storage Organization, you can see if you’re dealing with good moving companies. Then, check out the Better Business Bureau and see the movers’ membership, reputation, and even complaint history.

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