While you are looking for a new home, you are picking everything you want. You are free to choose and adjust every single detail about and in your home. From the convenient location and family-friendly neighborhood to the wooded backyard and Cape Cod dormers. Your mood is in direct connection with the convenience of your lovely home. But before you start enjoying your new residence, many tasks must be finished. Unfortunately, there is a lot of work to do. One of the things you need to remember is changing your address when you move. We at US Moving Experts will remind you on most steps while you changing your address. Besides that, a lot of planning and organizing will be necessary before you get to the end of the moving process. On the other hand, after all, you will be able to enjoy the comfort of your new home.

Plan before changing your address when you move

It is pretty much rare happening that your things get damaged during the move. Because you are protecting them carefully while packing. Unquestionably, in case you are hiring professional movers and invest in full-service moving, you can be relaxed about the safety of your belongings. Even in this case, mistakes are possible. Rules are the same when it comes to changing your address. We highly recommend you make your checklist for changing your address. You will want to include the following people and institutions:

  • Family and friends of course
  • Bank and credit card companies
  • Doctors and dentists
  • Utilities such as gas, telephone, electric
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Online shopping sites
  • Clubs and associations
  • Your employer and government offices
A to-do list can save you time.

Double-check when changing your address when you move

To ensure you don’t overlook anyone, check twice your list against the mail you receive every day. Moreover, save envelopes and mailing labels so you will have the addresses handy when you send out change-of-address notifications.

After you move, you will probably find that you missed a few associates. Remember the following trick to handle this situation. Keep the yellow address change stickers the post office uses when forwarding mail. For sure it is a proven way to identify those people you still need to notify.

It is time to say goodbye

It does not matter if you are relocating across the street, town or across the country. For every case, moving can be demanding and so stressful. Not only you will need to pack the entire household but also you will need to protect it well because of transport. Also, you will need to choose a moving company or recruit close friends to help out.

Changing your address when you move is the same important for local and long-distance moving. As well as that, before you leave your current address is time to return the things you borrowed from your neighbors. But also to retrieve those they borrowed things from you.

Leaving a home.
It is time to say goodbye.

Verify your new address

No one can make such a mistake, right? Don’t be too sure about this. There are so many reasons to explain this. For example, with the pressure and stress of moving, everything can happen, even mistake. Additionally, how busy people are when moving, mistakes occur more often than you might think.

For this reason, start by verifying your new address with your landlord or realtor. Double-check the house or apartment number, too. Moreover, you should check the spellings of the street and city. In case moving into new construction, be particularly careful. Make sure the developer did not change the street name from what was originally filed.

The post office

You need to find out how the post office codes your mail. This will give you the opportunity to obtain your zip + 4 code if you don’t already have it. By using zip + 4, your mail will be delivered fast and more accurately. The basic step of verifying your address will prevent errors and save you time. This way, also you will skip making your address changes twice. It is quite simple. You can easily make the address update online and set it for a specific start date. Do this ahead of your move. But at least a week before moving day. Because any later and there may be a gap between when you move and when your mail forwarding can begin.

As we mentioned, when you move, it is important to let the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) know. And there are three ways how you can do it:

  • Submit your address change via the Internet. Be sure to have a credit or debit card handy. Also, you will need a valid e-mail address to receive the USPS confirmation.
  • Complete a change of address by phone. Prepare your credit or debit card before a call.
  • Fill out Form 3575. This is the official mail forwarding change of address order. You can print it from the USPS Web site or get the form from your post office.
Changing Your Address When You Move
Don’t miss notice anyone about your new address.

Tax agencies

You should notify tax agencies of changing your address when you move. Not only the federal revenue agency but also your state tax agency. The IRS provides a simple online form where you can notify them of your new address. In a case of your state tax agency, go to your specific state’s government website and look for directions. In most states, you can easily handle this from your home, online as well.

Phone, cable, and internet

Did you ever be a person who moves into a new home and doesn’t have internet set up yet? Nowadays, it is a very difficult circumstance where we need to survive without the Internet for a while. In case you are moving locally or intrastate, you will get through this pretty much painless. It means you are going to use services from the same company as usual. As soon as you find out your new address and moving date, let them a notification. Just like with the electric company, call your phone, cable, and internet providers to let them know about changing your address. This includes your cell phone provider too since they will need to know where to send your bill. Don’t forget to notify any of the providers about changing your address when you move.

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