Moving home brings a lot of stress, there is no doubt about that. According to many studies, that is one of the most stressful things you will ever go through in your life. Because you are about to move your whole house in the other place. Moreover, you are leaving your current home, which can be very emotional. Above all, in front of you is the entire moving process to go through. From packing and wrapping to throwing things away. Every particular process can all be quite overwhelming. For this reason, you should look for all the help you can get. Family members and close friends are there to help you with all that. Unfortunately, without professional and reliable movers, any move would probably be in vain. Because they are doing the hardest part. But is there some rule about tipping Chicago movers?

Tipping Chicago movers

Carrying your things is definitely the hardest part of an entire moving. And your movers are here to finish this task instead of you. You have never met them before and you need to put your trust in their hands. So, your belongings, your dear mementos like photos and gifts from your loved ones, and valuables will be carried by your movers. For many people, this is a very interesting situation.

Professional movers will do the hardest part of moving for you.

Professional movers will be helping you move to your new home. And they will take care of entire your life in boxes better than you. They deserve you to strive and be nice and respectful to them at all times. Their job is very hard and, unfortunately, not very rewarding. So, the answer we are looking for here is, how much to tip movers? No matter if you hire local movers or long-distance service. They both doing their best to ensure the safety of your items.

Should you tip movers?

If you are satisfied with a job they are done, there is no reason to skip tipping Chicago movers. There are some basic considerations that can help you gauge how satisfied you can be with the job done. Nonetheless, giving tips to movers is not obligatory. If they were rude, cold and disrespectful you will not want to tip them for sure. But in most cases, they will deserve it. Chicago is a great place to live and it is famous for its nice people. So you can expect a very polite and hardworking crew here. We are highlighted a few pointers to help you make up your mind whether your movers deserve to be tipped or not.

Tipping Chicago movers
Moving is never easy, so be kind to your movers.

How much to tip your movers?

Be realistic and give your movers descend reward for all efforts. Take a look at the important facts. How complex was your move? If they are struggling a lot, you can decide on a bigger amount. Were they nice, friendly and sociable to you? Were they punctual and arrived on time? How carefully did they treat your items? Have your movers done what is necessary to avoid property damage? Did you have to pay for the packing service as well as for moving services? And lastly, did the way they handled the whole moving process satisfy your expectations? Your satisfaction is the reason to decide about tipping Chicago movers. However, there is a helpful and generally accepted idea of how much a tip should be. There is an unwritten rule and it says that the tip should be between 5% of the overall bill to $20 dollars per man.

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