After you move to a new city, one of the first things you will want to do is to go out into the world and explore. You will want to see your neighborhood, your new community – as well as the city itself. The same applies to the process of moving to Chicago. Once you are done unpacking your home and making sure everything is just perfect, you will want to explore what it has to offer. Luckily, there are many things to do in Chicago – and all of them are fun and exciting. So buckle up, because we will explore some of the best activities in this very article.

Garfield Park Conservatory will give you the rest you need

Everyone will agree with a simple moving fact – every move is stressful. Even when working with the most reliable US Moving experts, you will still be tired at the end of the journey. However, sometimes, sleep will not be able to fix it. What you will want is something that will help you relax on a much deeper level. You will want peace and serenity.

the conservatory
The Conservatory can give you some well-deserved peace and quiet.

This is exactly what you will uncover when you take a stroll to the Garfield Park Conservatory. This glass structure houses more than 100,000 plants and is a sight to behold. There are many outdoor gardens for you to explore and just immerse yourself in the amazing world of nature. An added bonus is that the admission is always free – which will suit your moving-strained budget. However, if you do enjoy the place, we encourage you to leave a donation, too.

There is one thing to note, however. Due to the COVID pandemic, Garfield Park Conservatory encourages you to make your own reservation on the website. What’s more, keep in mind that some things will be closed to the public for the same reason. These are some of the most popular indoor rooms – like the Fern Room and the Palm House. However, what’s open is still something that you need to see after moving to Chicago.

Visiting a drive-in is one of the essential things to do in Chicago

Another thing that we lost due to the pandemic is the luxury of going to the cinema to see a film. However, Chicago had a solution – and multiple drive-in theaters have been springing around the Windy City. There are many you can explore and visit. Pilsen and Lincoln Yards drive-ins, for example, offer amazing classics like Shrek.

Do not worry – you won’t even need to lower your windows. You can hear the sounds through your car radio. Also, you can bring your own snacks – but you can buy concessions in most of the places too. Of course, the restroom facilities are available as well. So go online to find the closest drive-in, get your significant other or a family member, sit in your car, and see a flick you have not seen in ages – or even something new. Go back to the good old days of cinema under the stars. And who knows – you might be tempted to move from Chicago to Los Angeles next and become the next star.

Explore the Chicago Riverwalk and spend some time by the water

There is just something about being next to the water that relaxes so many people. Whether they connect it to summer holidays, fishing trips, or water activities, just taking a stroll by the river can make an afternoon amazing for many people. If you are one of these lovely people, then the Chicago Riverwalk is where you want to find yourself to destress from unpacking after the move.

Chicago River
Spend the day by the water to relax and destress.

The Chicago Riverwalk is relatively new. It has been expanded and updated as recently as 2015, and there is a hub for things to do in Chicago. There are amazing restaurants and bars that you can visit, as well as boating docks. Conversely, you can choose to just sit down and enjoy all the views in front of you in one of many, many beautiful spots.

If you are into fitness, then you can join many people who spend their mornings from 5 am to 10 am exercising by the river. At later hours, you can drink wine or taste amazing street food – it’s a world made just for you, so make sure you go and explore it. While there, make sure you stop by the Art Deco murals west of Michigan Avenue. There is also an amazing set of portraits by Dont Fret, a street artist, which will hang at the Confluence near Lake Street.

A visit to Millenium Park is one of the must-do things in Chicago

Of course, when you move to a city, you might be tempted to resist all the tourist spots. After all, they are here for them Рright? But what kind of a resident of Chicago would you be if you did not drop Millenium Park a visit at least once? This is one of the most famous parks in the country Рwith iconic public art installations throughout the year.

The Bean
The Bean has become one of the most famous attractions of Chicago.

Cloud Gate (or The Bean, as most people know it), is a landmark of Chicago. But it is not the only thing that you will find in this 25-acro park. Oftentimes, you will find flower gardens here – and there are even social distancing circles on the Great Lawn for those who just want to spend their time outside. And while the Crown Fountain has no water this year, the 50-foot-tall LED video structures are still there. We strongly recommend a visit – it is one of the first things to do in Chicago after your move.

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