If you’re planning to move your instrument, you need to understand the dos and don’ts of piano moving. Because in that way you will ensure the safe and secure movement of your instrument. Also, a DIY piano move may seem like a cost-effective solution, but it can be a great risk of damage. That’s why hiring US Moving experts who specialize in jobs like music instruments moving is highly recommended. Our movers have years of experience when it comes to piano moves and know how to handle the instrument with great care. So, today, in this guide, we’ll provide some important dos and don’ts about the piano move you need to know. And this also will help you prepare for the big day and ensure a smooth and safe move!

What are the dos of piano moving?

You need to be informed about the dos of piano moving to ensure the safe and successful relocation of your musical instrument. Measuring and planning ahead are important things that will help you to avoid any obstacles and ensure that the piano can be safely moved. Also, by using proper equipment and techniques such as piano dollies and straps you can prevent damage. Also, you need to choose adequate moving services Chicago. And one more useful piece of information is that you can protect the piano with padded blankets or bubble wrap. So, by following these dos, you can help make your piano moving experience smooth and without damage.

The piano is an expensive, bulky, and valuable thing, and for that reason needs an adequate approach.

What are the don’ts of piano moving?

Moving heavy instruments is never an easy task. This task is based on moving a large and delicate object like this musical instrument. And at the same time can be dangerous. One of the most important don’ts of moving a piano is never attempting it alone.  The result of that is based on serious injuries or damage to the instrument. But, also dragging the piano without using proper lifting techniques can also cause serious damage to the piano’s legs and other parts. Remember, it’s always better to seek help from piano movers Chicago to ensure a safe and successful move.

Hiring professional movers is of great importance!

Relocation of your piano is a complex and challenging job that requires specific skills and knowledge. For that reason, hiring professional movers who are trained and experienced in handling musical instruments is highly recommended. Especially when it comes to long distances. In that situation, help from international movers Chicago will be of great help. Because they have the proper equipment and knowledge to disassemble, move, and reassemble your piano safely. Also, our experienced movers have encountered various challenges in their line of work, making them well-equipped to handle any obstacles that may arise during the move. With our movers, you can have peace of mind and your piano is in good hands.

Professional mover
Moving a piano is a great challenge, and for that reason, you will need professional help!

What does moving a piano look like?

Your movers will lead the whole piano moving process. First, movers will determine the piano’s size, and weight, and determine the best approach for the move. They will disassemble the piano, carefully wrapping and protecting each part. Also, movers will use specialized equipment and techniques to lift and move the piano safely. When the piano is securely loaded onto the truck, the movers will transport it to the new location and carefully unload it. So, as you can conclude, the safest piano move is with professional movers! Also, Chicago is known for its rich music history, and we advise you visit The Chicago Blues Experience, The Museum of Contemporary Art, and The National Museum of Mexican Art.