Moving can be costly in general. And when you factor in that you need special items like pianos or pool tables to move it can become pricey. The tables themselves are very heavy and big so it’s definitely not an easy task. For that reason, we at US Moving Experts have decided to tell you more about the cost of moving a pool table. There are many factors that are influencing the price, but we’ve chosen some of the most frequent ones that impact it the most. Let’s dive into what makes the price of moving a pool table.

The cost of moving a pool table – Hiring professionals

One thing that will cost you is hiring professionals. However, this will surely be much cheaper than trying to move the pool table by yourself. Another thing that should make you choose reputable and quality pool table movers Chicago is that they have all the needed tools and expertise. There is no way you and your friends can disassemble a pool table, pack it properly, load it into a truck, and then perfectly reassemble it when you bring it in. A pool table costs a lot of money and it gets damaged easily, please consider hiring professionals at all costs.

mover packing his truck
A pool table requires professional pool table movers

Factors that determine the cost of moving a pool table

Now that we gave you all the reasons to hire movers, we can talk about the price. Like in any type of move, different types of objects with many diverse factors can bump up your price. From weight to having an extra set of stairs there are many things that might cost you extra money. Call up residential movers Chicago as they might help you with moving items that are difficult to move. Here are just some of those factors that will impact your wallet the most.


The size of your pool table will considerably impact the price of your move.  Why? Because tables can range from 5-12 feet and the larger the item the heavier it is. Another reason why larger tables are more costly is that it takes more time to disassemble them and put them back together. For that reason always ask your movers for the price, for the smallest tables you will be charged around 200 $, while for the biggest it’s about 500$.


One of the more logical factors that people will think about is distance. For example, a move from one town to another will cost you more than moving a couple of blocks away. So always be in contact with your moving company about the potential extra fees for long-distance moves.

Make and model

Another important factor when determining the cost of moving a pool table is the manufacturer and the time period it was made. Why is that so important and why does it impact the price so much? Well, that impacts the method and tools for the job. Also, if your table is an antique it needs special care. Those are all things that professional movers will take care of.

pool table
Even a difference in the model of a pool table can make a difference in the cost

Additional cost

Have an eye out for additional costs that may be present with your movers. For example, some movers might charge you extra if there are additional parts that need to be disassembled from your average pool table. On the other hand, movers usually don’t offer to repair but they might offer you warranties so that if something happens during the move you are assured. For that reason make sure you take pictures of your pool table before the move, so in case of any disputes, you have evidence.

Save money

While you hire pool movers, you can also save up some money. How? Well, when asking for a move you could also ask for an upgrade. You can ask to replace pockets, put new felt on your table, repolish the wooden parts. This will be far cheaper than if you would do it after the move. And why is that? Because it’s so much easier for pool table movers to do those tasks for you during disassembly than to do it again when you need to do it over again for a small change-up. So use that opportunity to upgrade your pool table.

A piggy bank
Your movers can actually save you money by changing parts of the table during disassembly

The cost of moving a pool table – Storage

If your new place is having space problems you can always get solutions for that. It’s not uncommon to hold your pool table out of the house and it needs to be stored properly. That’s why professional moving companies offer storage services for your pool table. Store it assembled or disassembled, it’s really your choice. However, whatever your choice is, giving out some extra cash for storage will come a long way. Just remember that you need to pack it in a way it stays protected. You will have an ugly surprise on your hands if you don’t do it properly.

Moving a pool table is pricey, but when everything is over every dollar will be worth it. However, it’s a very expensive item for your home, so taking special care is always a good idea. When you think about the cost of moving a pool table, have in mind there are extremely pricey pool tables. For example, some of the most expensive pool tables cost more than 10 thousand dollars. So imagine how much those movers are nervous when packing and unpacking those masterpieces. Enjoy your pool table and if you need to move it, always use professionals equipped for that type of job.

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