Moving in the winter in Illinois has its benefits, but also potential problems that could arise. As with any relocation, one of the main concerns people have when hiring movers is the price. The price of a move in Illinois can be a lot different during the winter than during the peak moving season, which is the warmer months. If you decide to hire movers, you can find out the average prices by yourself and then get a moving quote from an affordable moving company Chicago has to offer. If you want to know the cost of a winter move in Illinois, keep reading.

Factors that determine the cost of a winter move in Illinois

In order to determine the moving costs of your Illinois movers, you should know which factors affect the prices that movers charge for their services. The main factor is going to be the distance of your move. An average local move costs about 1,250$, while the average long-distance move is 4,890$ for a 1000 miles distance. This applies to an average-sized move. If you’re relocating more items the expenses will rise, and on the contrary, if you’re relocation is smaller, you can expect a less expensive move. These are prices for full-sized moves, but sometimes you will need additional services. Also, if you’re moving to Illinois during the winter, you may want to consider insurance in case there are problems in transport because of weather conditions.

Moving company employees carrying a green velvet couch
If you hire full-service moving the cost of a winter move in Illinois will depend on multiple factors.

Additional moving services

Another thing that will affect the cost of a winter move in Illinois is additional moving services. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving during slower months such as January, or during the peak moving season. You will likely need some additional moving services for an effortless move. If you have delicate and high-value items, such as an instrument, you will need reliable piano movers Chicago has to handle it. Maybe you want some help with safely packing your belongings. These services will add on, and lead to a higher final moving price.

A good thing about moving to Illinois during the winter is that you’re more likely to find affordable storage units Chicago can offer you. Since fewer people are relocating, and doing home renovations, there are more storage units available. Companies are, therefore, offering better deals that can help you save some money. Some other additional costs may include:

  • Unpacking
  • Expedited delivery
  • Elevator fees
  • Shuttle fees, etc.

    Movers packing your items can impact the cost of a winter move in Illinois
    Additional services will impact the final moving fee.

Moving during the holidays

If you’re wondering about the cost of a winter move in Illinois, it is crucial to determine whether or not your relocation includes holidays. Moving during the holidays can be more expensive than during the rest of the winter. It can also cause unexpected delays and problems with the transportation of your belongings. Professional movers will probably charge additional fees if your move is on the holidays, so if you want the benefits of lower expenses during the winter you should try and avoid them!

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