When you decide to move as a single parent, you probably dismiss Chicago as an option quickly. There are many reasons to visit Chicago, including its spectacular architecture, abundant greenery, well-liked sports teams, diversified cuisine scene, and picturesque Lake Michigan. But, when you need to relocate as a single parent with your kids, you may not find these reasons enough, because Chicago isn’t quite cheap. Hiring US Moving Experts, however, might be just the right thing to do. The reason to do so is the fact that there are many affordable areas in Chicago and you can choose to live with your kids in one of them. We are going to introduce to you the cheapest Chicago neighborhoods for single parents.

Chicago has many affordable areas

Being near the lakefront is not typically considered when people think about the cheapest areas in Chicago. The majority of Chicago’s more expensive rent neighborhoods are those that are near the Loop. This means it’s definitely feasible to locate an apartment in Chicago for less than $2,000 a month that’s safe, inexpensive, and close to a ton of entertainment alternatives. When you find an affordable area, it is time to call an affordable moving company Chicago and start your relocation. Some of the cheapest Chicago neighborhoods for single parents are:

  • Irving Park,
  • Albany Park,
  • Beverly.
Chicago during the daytime
There are some of the cheapest Chicago neighborhoods for single parents

One of the cheapest Chicago neighborhoods for single parents is Irving Park

This neighborhood’s lovely homes and suburban-like location contribute significantly to its attractiveness. Irving Park feels more calmer than other nearby locations, even though it is still very much an urban neighborhood. Irving Park is an excellent choice to take into consideration if you’re searching for lovely tree-lined avenues, ancient houses, and a community atmosphere. This area is great for single parents because from there, you can easily get to any other part of Chicago. If you think this is an area for you, call residential moves Chicago. They will be happy to assist you.

Living in Albany Park

Albany Park can be the ideal community for you if having such a diversified neighborhood appeals to you. Additionally, it’s one of Chicago’s least expensive neighborhoods. The main roadways of Albany Park, Montrose Avenue, Lawrence Avenue, and Kedzie Avenue, frequently have restaurants along them that provide freshly prepared food. If you think that this neighborhood is too small for you and that you can’t take all of your belongings to the house you rent or buy there, we also have a solution. You can use storage service Chicago and put your extra items there.

A house in a suburban area
Neighborhoods in Chicago are affordable

Beverly is perfect for single parents

Look no farther than Beverly if you’re seeking one of the top neighborhoods in which to purchase a property in Chicago. Beverly, a neighborhood in Chicago’s South Side, is perfect for anybody seeking a suburban atmosphere within the metropolis. There are many family-friendly activities in Beverly. You can visit Givins’ Irish Castle or Ridge Country Club.

Chicago is great for families

We have mentioned some of the cheapest Chicago neighborhoods for single parents. Choose the one that is for you. Call the best movers in Chicago, and relocate to this great, family-friendly city.


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