Packing the entire household for the upcoming move is never easy. There are certain facts about your move that will determine the dynamic of packing your belongings. Before you start preparations for the packing process, what you have to consider is your moving date, how many helpers you can enlist, and how many supplies for packing you own. You will need to create a moving plan to conduct your move stress-free. A room-by-room approach is the best way to do it easily. Because each room has some unique issues and challenges you will face. Packing services Chicago will show you some ways to pack a living room for move. With objects of so many different items, sizes, and shapes, packing your living room seems a serious mission. Besides this space is used right up until the moment the moving truck arrives.

How to pack a living room for a move?

Are you always in a hurry when it comes time to pack a living room or family room? Well, you don’t have to be worried or upset about this task. As long as you have solutions such as renting a storage unit from high-quality storage facilities Chicago, there are no reasons for worries. Even if there are too many items and furniture inside your living room, storage units can be a suitable solution for space issues. So the first thing you can do is to write down the largest pieces of furniture you should remove from your living room.

The Best Way to Pack a Living Room for move
Packing your living rook should be organized.

Proven ways to pack a living room for move

Unquestionably, it is not so easy to pack a room that the family spends so much time in. But our US Moving Experts has helpful advice and useful tips to conduct this. This article will help you break down the process of packing your living room or family room and make it easier. Firstly, we want to remind you that you can choose between two ways to accomplish this task:

  • you can pack a living room for move by your self and include friends or family members to help you out.
  • you could hire a professional packing service to pack your family room and finish these tasks instead of you.

But how to choose between these two ways? In fact, you need to consider how much time you have before moving day. Besides, you have to make an inventory list that will include all your possession inside your living room. In the end, you will figure out what supplies and equipment you will need to pack up your items.

Choose how you are going to conduct the packing of your living room.

Packing your living room by yourself or hiring movers?

Now when you know your needs, let’s consider your budget. Write down the costs of renting a truck, purchasing packing supplies, and time you will need for packing. On the other hand, white down the average costs of hiring packing service. As you know, the professional packing crew has their equipment and supplies. Besides, they have experience and they know how to pack your living room safely and quickly. Now you can compare these two amounts and opt for one that better suits you.

Also, if your move is pretty urgent or you are the owner of valuables, think twice. Under similar circumstances, you can feel even more pressure and stress when packing. So the best recommendation you can get from our residential movers under those obstacles is to hire reliable professionals. Otherwise, if you start early and have a good strategy, here is advice to pack a living rook for move. So follow these simple tips and tricks and avoid stress and hurry.

Pack the furniture from your living room

When you have to pack furniture, make sure to wrap your large, upholstered items to keep them safe during your move. So make sure to gather essential but also special supplies and tools to conduct packing your furniture. Prepare in advance for packing any leather furniture items you may have. For example, couch cushions and pillows require large moving boxes. Also, the corners of your tables should be protected with cardboard pieces. For these reasons, make sure to visit the local hardware store or purchase properly supplies on Amazon. Here is the list of additional items for protecting your furniture during packing you may need:

  1. Moving boxes
  2. Bubble Wrap
  3. Sofa and mattress covers
  4. Plastic stretch wrap and sealing tape
  5. Sealable plastic bags
  6. Corrugated cardboard sheets
Living room
Create an inventory list. It will help you realize what supplies you will need.

Pack audio and video equipment

When you have to pack a family room for moving, for sure you will need to care for your electronics. You want your DVD players, CD players, and record turntables to arrive in proper working order. So make sure to pack them correctly. So secure the laser on CD or DVD players using the transport screws on the bottom or back of the machine. When it comes to turntables, secure the platter by tightening the screws that are included for this purpose. Importantly, they may be on top of the turntable, but when in doubt, check the owner’s manual. Also, secure the tonearm using your turntable’s plastic lock or by tying a piece of string around the arm.

Fragile items

When you have to pack your living room for move it means that you have to pack every item from it. For sure you can handle the packing and protection of most items you have, but there are always special items hard to move. Thus, most of the fragile and bulky items will require extra attention during packing and transportation. Items such as glass table tops, large mirrors, wall paintings, marble slabs, statues and large vases require extra attention. It is up to you to decide are you going to pack these items by yourself or you will hire movers. Undoubtedly, items of this type are unique as well as fragile so it is a good idea to ask your movers about whether they require custom-made cartons or crates. Extra advice, remember that paper should never come in contact with the surface of an oil painting.

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