Historically speaking, Silicon Valley has dominated the startup world of the United States for a long time. The number of startups, patents, brands, and trends that originated here is beyond count. This renown part of the US has been spearheading the technological advancement of the nation practically alone. In recent years, however, this has become less of a truth. There are now other areas that are quickly developing and where entrepreneurs are going besides to Silicon Valley. The young professionals are the ones influencing the business world and they are doing a great job of spreading and developing the innovative potential of the United States. Until recently, Silicon Valley and East Coast have been the go-to places. Now there are many more metro areas to go to that are even less expensive than these two. So, what are the best cities to launch a business in the US and save money while moving at the same time?


Though at first, Boulder is rarely associated with startups and business world in the mind of an average American, the truth is actually quite the opposite. Quite a few times in the last couple of years, Boulder ranked really high on several lists of note concerning the business world. For instance, it is one of the best places for female entrepreneurs according to Nerdwallet.com’s analysis. It also has one of the best GBP’s of all the metro areas and is simply one of the most productive. There are many top companies in Boulder, like Ball Aerospace, Celestial Seasoning, and even the famous startup accelerator TechStars. There are also local venture capital companies, such as the Foundry Group.

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Boulder has a lot of opportunities.

The city is not just a startup hub. Arts areas are all over the place, making it a Mecca for artists and those who love art. Cultural tidings are really strong here in general. Now add some of the best schools in the United States. When a city has so much drive in all the areas of life, it should not be a surprise that it is one of the best cities to launch a business. It is a fact that this city draws experts (young experts in particular). So, when moving offices from one city to another one you have to be careful when choosing the new capital of your business. Boulder is definitely the place to move to. The fact that in 2010, it had the greatest number of startups in relation to the numbers of residents is surely one of the best indicators of such a fact.

Miami is one the best cities to launch a business in

When people talk about Miami, usually the people think about the beaches and nightlife. Miami is a great place to live in if you are looking for fun. It has outstanding nature with a lot of beaches. Weather is great for the most part of the year. There are also a lot of clubs and, in general, a lot of interesting tourist attractions. However, what people often forget is that Miami is one of the best cities to launch a business due to many factors. Not too long ago, it was one of the cities with the highest density of startups in our country. To be exact, 246.7 startups for every 100,000 residents. Thus finding a job here, should not be a problem at all.

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Many young professionals are coming to Miami, seeking a job

Many businesses were born here that continue to thrive. However, things are not that simple. This city is a magnet for giants of the world scale companies. Apple, Twitter, Facebook and Gooogle all have their offices in Miami. Also, there are 139 more rapidly-developing private companies ranked in Inc. 5000 list. The diversity of the population plays a major role here also. Having so many different cultures in one place should not be a problem, but an opportunity. Miami has learned to master this potential and it became its driving force of creativity. The Magic City is one of the best places for starting a startup because of this, as its population is skilled, motivated and daring.


The Windy City is another entry on our list and with a couple of good reasons. This Midwest metropolis is one of the best USA cities when it comes to sheer profitability. A cultural and social center of the Midwest, and one of the greatest cities in our country, it is bound to be an attractive location for starting a new business. People are moving here from Washington, Philadelphia, New York etc. Moving companies such as Big Apple Movers NYC have reported that this is the case. It should be no wonder of course that things are like this.

The best cities to launch a business
Chicago is one of the most influential cities in the United States

The Chicago’s level of technological advancement is at a really high level. A survey by KPMG has uncovered that, based on opinions of more than 800 tech leaders, Chicago is ranked in the top 10 of technological hubs in the world. The city’s thriving market has been the chief reason for this, along with the cultural influence. The market here offers a lot to daring entrepreneurs. Startups here are generally really successful. In 81% of cases, startups here have reported the yield of 3 to 10 times of their investment.


Without any doubt, Seattle is one of the best cities to launch a business in. Since the year 2010, Seattle has been one of the leading, most rapidly growing cities in the United States. The steady rise of its population is both, the proof of this, and also the reason. As it is one of the best cities for young professionals and students to move to, many of the most quality young experts have been coming here to stay. There are a lot of things for them to like here, as the city is full of interesting restaurants, clubs, and more importantly business opportunities. It is true that there are no particular tax incentives for entrepreneurs. However, there are many capital firms and opportunities for economic development that help inspire the new up and coming startups.


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