Every part of moving is difficult and especially when you need to relocate specialty items. One of them is a pool table. It’s very big and delicate at the same time and it needs special attention in order to have a successful move. That’s why we at US Moving experts want to show you all the advantages of professional pool table movers and why it’s the best decision you can make. Here are just some reasons why you’ll be glad for using the help of professionals for your pool table relocation.

Movers take a professional approach

You and your friends can try and tackle the pool table. But is it really worth it? The table literally costs a lot of money and can end up costing you money if you scratch it or damage vital parts of it. That’s why you always need to look for pool table movers Chicago before you start doing it by yourself. They will know all the tiny bits and pieces of the pool table and know how to deal with any problem you might get stuck on. Above all, they have experience of moving hundreds of pool tables. That’s nothing to put on the side as that usually means they will do a great job. So why not make everything more efficient and spend a couple more dollars on professional pool table movers?

A mover looking at a box
With moving professionals you can be sure that they have a good plan

The advantages of professional pool table movers are that they have all the necessary equipment

There isn’t a true professional pool table mover without the right equipment. And it’s not just your ordinary equipment that they use for the table. Everything is special and by having that type of equipment they make sure everything goes as planned. You’ll not only get faster service but will also avoid potential injuries to you and your friends. With your ordinary local movers, it just won’t be enough to get the job done. Specialists keep it always simple and efficient to create the best experience for you. Here are just some of the items you’ll need to get and much more in order to start thinking about moving a pool table:

  • Hammers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Dollies
  • Pliers

Disassembling the pool table will be easier

If you want to successfully move a pool table you need to disassemble it first. For that reason, it’s very important to be perfect and make no mistakes when doing it. That’s why you absolutely need the people who know what they’re doing. Your residential movers just won’t be good enough to take care of such a specialty item as a pool table. You need to carefully take apart such a big and delicate item and you need to have experience when doing it. The friend of yours who has a screwdriver and an idea just won’t cut it. Above all, disassembly of the table is probably one of the most important parts of moving it. It helps you pack it and transport it to your new home, so leaving this to professionals is a must.

A screwdriver
Having the right tools is one of the advantages of professional pool table movers

Safe transport is one of the advantages of professional pool table movers

If you intend to do this move by yourself you’ll need a big enough tuck. Not every type of truck will be enough for your pool table. However small of a detail, and insignificant it might seem this might make or break your pool table move. Professionals make sure everything is packed in a way that you don’t need to worry about anything during transport. And of course, they will have the right-sized truck for it. It’s unfortunate to see just how many pool tables get damaged or scratched during transport. It’s not really a cheap thing to have so investing in its relocation can save you some headaches and costs in the long run.

Assembly of the pool table

Now that the pool table has arrived you need to put it back together. Of course, the majority of people who did the moving by themselves will notice some kind of damage or problems. It’s not that we want to jinx it but our stats show it clearly that the majority of people get into problems with moving pool tables. With professionals, you can move the most expensive pool table or the cheapest one you can buy at your local store, it’s always going to be a priority for them. As we already told you, they also have the tools and equipment to put it back together so there really isn’t a reason for you to doubt the pool table movers.

A pool table inside a room
The right movers will reassemble your pool table in no time

One of the advantages of professional pool table movers is saving money

When moving any type of item one of the important factors is money. Nobody likes to tear up their hard-earned money so we know how difficult it can be to opt for the help of movers. However, surprisingly, moving with professionals can cost you less than if you’re doing it by yourself. One of the advantages of professional pool table movers is that they have insurance so even potential mishaps can be put in order. Even so, it’s very rare that they happen. On the other hand, when you do it by yourself any mistake you make can be very costly. There’s no type of insurance and repairing any part of a pool table can get very expensive. So by hiring pool movers you’re investing in security and efficiency.

It’s always a good idea to hire movers. Especially when you have items that really need them. We hope we’ve shown you the advantages of professional pool table movers and why it’s best to do it with people who have all the equipment and expertise to get it done. If you get your pool table damaged or broken you won’t just leave yourself with a big repair bill but also be saddened that you may have broken something that has been passed on by generations. Good luck with your move and choose the best movers for your pool table!

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