Renting vs. Buying a Home in Chicago
Chicago neon sign

If you are looking to move to beautiful Chicagoland soon, then this article is for you. Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States of America.  So it’s no surprise that so many people are moving to the city every year. As of 2021, there are 2.7 million people living in Chicago. […]

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Why Summer Is The Most Expensive Time to Move
Learn why Summer is the most expensive time to move with this guide.

The cost of a move is determined by a lot of factors. People often forget that it’s not just the size of their apartment that plays the role. There is also the pricing of the company you choose, the amount of stuff your apartment contains, and a lot depends on the season. During the winter, […]

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Ways to cut long-distance moving costs

Long-distance relocation can be time-consuming, tiring, and expensive. However, if you do everything according to a plan, you will avoid all of this. Not only will all of the tasks be completed on time but also you will not be stressed and there will be no need to spend all of your savings. Count on […]

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How to calculate your Chicago moving expenses
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It is important to know how much money you need to spend on your upcoming move. That way you will be able to organize your moving budget with ease. But, people don’t know what factors influence the price of the move and how to properly calculate your Chicago moving expenses. Today, with the help of […]

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Choosing the best short term storage option

Are you planning to store your items, but don’t know the process of choosing the best short term storage option? Then this is the article just for you! Today, you will learn what you need to do to find good storage, so you can use our US Moving Experts website to transport your items after […]

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What to consider when choosing a long term storage unit
storage unit facility

There’s a multitude of reasons someone may search for a long term storage solution. Maybe you’re moving cross country, traveling for a while, or just don’t have enough space in your home to properly display all of your precious belongings. Whatever the reason may be, you’re going to need help with choosing a long term […]

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How to compare commercial moving companies in Chicago
The US Moving Experts is one of the best commercial moving companies in Chicago

Moving has become a need and stress for everyone. Be it that you want to move down the street or out of state it still makes you worry a lot. Especially when it comes to moving your office or business. That’s why we at the US Moving Experts have decided to help you out. Picking […]

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Save by Moving In Off Peak Season
Jar with coins.

Moving is something everyone has to face at least once in their life. However, there are different types of experiences depending on how you prepare for the move. Moreover, it can be quite costly. In this article, we will help you find out how to save by moving in off peak season and what that […]

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Most affordable neighborhoods in Chicago to live in
Cloud Gate a mounument of Chicago, but not of affordable neighborhoods in Chicago to live in

If you thought about moving to a city like Chicago you probably thought it’s expensive. But it’s actually very untrue. Chicago is one of the cheapest metropolitan cities to live in. Like any city, it has its expensive parts to live in. On the other hand, our residential movers Chicago can help you even when […]

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How Much Do Full Service Movers Cost?
dollar bills stacked on the table

Are you considering hiring professional movers? The biggest question we have when opting for this is how much do full service movers cost? In this article, we will help you get an approximate evaluation of the costs of your move. But remember, no matter the cost, hiring US moving experts is the best way to […]

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