Reasons not to move a piano by yourself
A piano with some sheet music on the top.

When making a DIY move, you might want to move a piano by yourself. While that might seem plausible, there are some things you want to consider before you actually do it. Pianos are often very heavy, require delicate handling, and are odd-shaped. That all means you’ll need some expertise or professional assistance. That’s because […]

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The cheapest way to make a long distance move to Chicago
rental truck moving at very high speed

You’re looking for ways to cut back on moving costs, and we understand you completely. For an average weight of 7,500lbs and an average distance of 1000 miles, the cost of renting professional movers can reach almost $5,000! That’s not a small amount of money, which is why many people like you seek alternative ways […]

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Why people are moving from Chicago?
Why people are moving from Chicago to other places?

It’s never an easy step to relocate from one place to another. For that reason, it’s very important to have valid reasons to move. Especially from a place like Chicago that has a lot to offer. One thing is certain, you can count on the Moving Experts US Chicago to help you wherever you decide […]

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Key differences between professional and amateur movers
a mover as a symbol of the differences between professional and amateur movers

Are you planning on moving soon? Then you want to have the best possible moving company to handle it. However, you will need to find the one that fits your needs the most. By knowing some key differences between professional and amateur movers you will make the job easier for you. With the US Moving […]

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Why Summer Is The Most Expensive Time to Move
Learn why Summer is the most expensive time to move with this guide.

The cost of a move is determined by a lot of factors. People often forget that it’s not just the size of their apartment that plays the role. There is also the pricing of the company you choose, the amount of stuff your apartment contains, and a lot depends on the season. During the winter, […]

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Moving to the country – Pros and Cons
A truck to look at when you evaluate long distance movers.

Moving to the countryside can be challenging and, quite frankly, exhausting as much as it can be rewarding in the long run. Especially if you are currently living in a big city such as New York or Chicago. Such a change will definitely take some adjusting. That is why you need to devote time and […]

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