The cheapest way to make a long distance move to Chicago
rental truck moving at very high speed

You’re looking for ways to cut back on moving costs, and we understand you completely. For an average weight of 7,500lbs and an average distance of 1000 miles, the cost of renting professional movers can reach almost $5,000! That’s not a small amount of money, which is why many people like you seek alternative ways […]

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Reasons Why Millennials Are Moving To Chicago
reasons why millennials are moving to Chicago

There is a list of reasons millennials are moving to Chicago, mostly connected to the place itself and the type of living there. We know millennials have special demands when their lives are about and choose places they feel comfortable. On the other hand, Chicago has all the needs in one place and expects their […]

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Best way to review potential Chicago movers
Woman researching online

When moving we are usually put under a lot of stress and worries. In order to make the whole process even a little easier most of us hire moves to help. But is it safe to pick just any moving company and let them handle your belongings? Of course not. So what is the best […]

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Organizing a short-notice interstate move
a girl smiling knowing how to load a moving truck properly

Not every type of move is the same. There are a lot of differences between moving down the street and across the US. That’s why there’s a huge gap when it comes to the time that is needed for each one. But how do you start organizing a short-notice interstate move successfully? Well, we at […]

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Moving cost from Chicago to Seattle
Calculator, dollar bills, and a notebook

If you are planning a relocation, one of the first things to think about is the moving cost from Chicago to Seattle. Making a detailed list of all your moving tasks and activities will help you determine moving expenses. Also, it will ensure you don’t forget anything and stay on track.

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Key things to know before moving from Chicago to Boston
Moving from Chicago to Boston comes with a lot of benefits

Every relocation comes with its own set of challenges. And with moving from Chicago to Boston there’s not much difference. Even if both of them are big cities that people frequently move to, there are still some major distinctions that you want to keep in mind. Thankfully, we at Moving Experts US Chicago will know […]

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How to postpone a long distance relocation?
A couple talking about relocation

Are you moving long-distance? You’ve planned your move to the very last detail, but an unexpected situation happened, and now you have to postpone your relocation? Yes, rescheduling your relocation can ruin your plans and affect your organization, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be beneficial. You […]

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Top reasons why people leave Chicago
Reasons why people leave Chicago

Choosing a new place to live is never easy and when you’re somewhere for a while, it’s not with happiness that you have to say goodbye. One of those places is the beautiful city of Chicago. Unfortunately, there are more and more people that are calling the US Moving Experts Chicago to move them out […]

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Who’s Moving Into and Out Of Chicago?
Moving Into and Out Of Chicago

It’s very interesting to follow certain patterns when it comes to migrations. You find out the reasons why someone is moving to another place and why they are leaving their home behind. That’s why today we’ll talk about some facts on who is moving into and out of Chicago. We can’t hide the fact that […]

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