How to avoid wall damage during a move
a couple discussing how to avoid wall damage during a move

Bulky items are a bit more complex to move. What you must do is ensure they remain in one piece, while keeping the walls intact. If you wonder how to avoid wall damage during a move, take a look at this short guide our tea at Moving Experts US Chicago prepared for you. You may […]

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Permits for apartment renovation in Chicago
a home being renovated

Renovating your home can be a nice process where you can include your creativity and imagination a lot. You can make your home look like heaven with just a few things you can do. But, there is a catch. You need to know what kind of permits for apartment renovation in Chicago you need to […]

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Last minute moving tips
letters tips

Relocation is a process that requires some time, patience, and most of all great organizational skills. However, like with everything in your life, there are things you forget or think of at the last minute. But don’t panic. There are tricks that will help you remember to do something important even when it is your […]

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The best suburbs in Chicago
best suburbs in Chicago

Among the best suburbs in Chicago are those where you can easily buy an apartment or have opportunities to find a job. Some people choose suburbs that are close to their jobs or have cultural offers that people like. However, the most important when choosing suburbia for yourself is to put on paper what you […]

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Home renovation ideas for families
Home renovation ideas for families

Home renovation ideas for families could be exciting, especially if you have a habit of renovating with the family. Those with children know they want to get involved in this process, no matter how difficult it is. You should give them a chance to help you, though. They can choose the color of the walls […]

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Downsizing before a long distance move – the best ways to do it
Downsizing before a long distance move

Downsizing before a long distance move is crucial for organizing relocation and saving money. Whether moving to a small apartment or not, it would be easier to pack only essentials when moving, especially when organizing moving on long distances, where moving is much more difficult. The first thing you need to do before packing is […]

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Tips for storing wooden furniture
A large closet that shows why is storing wooden furniture difficult

For storing wooden furniture, a few things are highly important to understand. As one of the first, wood absorbs water, so you will need to prevent damages that humidity could cause. Wood is a strong but sensitive material, and it is not hard to scratch or damage. Once damaged, it’s quite difficult to repair it. […]

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Best way to review potential Chicago movers
Woman researching online

When moving we are usually put under a lot of stress and worries. In order to make the whole process even a little easier most of us hire moves to help. But is it safe to pick just any moving company and let them handle your belongings? Of course not. So what is the best […]

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Moving coast-to-coast with pets
Dogs sitting in the back of the car waiting to move

Moving coast-to-coast in itself is challenging and can be stressful. Moving coast-to-coast with pets is on a new level of difficulty. Pets are like a member of a family. Sometimes caring for them is the same as caring for a child. They may not understand us, and can’t communicate with us, but that doesn’t make […]

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The best Chicago suburbs for families
Chicago suburbs for families

Chicago suburbs for families are made to be comfortable, to offer great education and places for additional activities for the children. You should look for those features when looking for the best place for you. If you are looking for a company for moving, look at the US Moving Experts and find the right people […]

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