Interstate moving checklist
a couple packing for the move

Every international relocation is something that you need to plan. Not to mention that you should keep in mind that it is not something simple. That is why you should always have an interstate moving checklist. Today, US Moving Experts will show you how you can make one without breaking a sweat. Follow this guide […]

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How to plan your cross-country moving costs in advance
a credit card

Moving on a budget can be tricky. Not to mention when you need to plan your cross-country moving costs in advance. That is why you should carefully read our guide. We at US Moving Experts have decided to tell you how you can plan your moving budget with ease, and not lose your money. This is […]

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How to treat your Chicago movers on moving day

If you are planning to move wherever in Chicago, then you would want to get any kind of professional help. Depending on the type of your move, you should think about the ways to treat your Chicago movers on moving day. With the help of US Moving Experts, you will be able to find out […]

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Why Summer Is The Most Expensive Time to Move
Learn why Summer is the most expensive time to move with this guide.

The cost of a move is determined by a lot of factors. People often forget that it’s not just the size of their apartment that plays the role. There is also the pricing of the company you choose, the amount of stuff your apartment contains, and a lot depends on the season. During the winter, […]

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How to calculate your Chicago moving expenses
a couple resting

It is important to know how much money you need to spend on your upcoming move. That way you will be able to organize your moving budget with ease. But, people don’t know what factors influence the price of the move and how to properly calculate your Chicago moving expenses. Today, with the help of […]

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Best Ways to Minimize Moving Costs
Find about the Best Ways to Minimize Moving Costs

When you have a lack of supplies and money it’s always a good idea to look at the best ways to minimize moving costs as you can save more than you can think. However, the quality of your move should never suffer at the expense of a handful of dollars. That’s why we from the […]

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What is the average moving cost for long distance move
trucks on the highway

Calculating your long distance moving cost is very important when moving away.  When you know this, you will have a good sense of how to manage your moving budget. This is important for many other reasons. And because of that, we will help you learn what is the average moving cost for long distance move. That […]

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The Cost of Moving a Pool Table
Man playing a game of pool before he finds out about the cost of moving a pool table

Moving can be costly in general. And when you factor in that you need special items like pianos or pool tables to move it can become pricey. The tables themselves are very heavy and big so it’s definitely not an easy task. For that reason, we at US Moving Experts have decided to tell you […]

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Most affordable neighborhoods in Chicago to live in
Cloud Gate a mounument of Chicago, but not of affordable neighborhoods in Chicago to live in

If you thought about moving to a city like Chicago you probably thought it’s expensive. But it’s actually very untrue. Chicago is one of the cheapest metropolitan cities to live in. Like any city, it has its expensive parts to live in. On the other hand, our residential movers Chicago can help you even when […]

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How Much Do Full Service Movers Cost?
dollar bills stacked on the table

Are you considering hiring professional movers? The biggest question we have when opting for this is how much do full service movers cost? In this article, we will help you get an approximate evaluation of the costs of your move. But remember, no matter the cost, hiring US moving experts is the best way to […]

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