A timeline for moving to Chicago during holidays
The city of Chicago during holidays

Moving to Chicago during holidays can be extremely stressful and chaotic. It might not be the perfect time for relocating, but it’s possible. The upside is having a fresh start and entering the new year in your new home. The key to a smooth move during the winter season is having a detailed plan. You […]

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Items you shouldn’t pack for an international relocation
A men and a woman packing for an international relocation.

Packing for an international relocation is a challenging task. It brings a lot of stress and fear of forgetting something important. Moving with professional movers Chicago will help you deal with tasks better. Sometimes it seems that everything we own is a necessity that we have to take with us. However, it is crucial to […]

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Guide to moving on a tight budget in Chicago
The city of Chicago

However and wherever you are moving to, it is going to be more or less expensive. Moving to Chicago is no different. It is a tiring and stressful process everyone will most likely go through at least once. It obviously, takes a toll financially, too. Luckily, there are some ways to cut costs, so you’ll […]

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Packing documents for an interstate office move
Packing documents for an interstate office move

Packing documents for an interstate office move is challenging and, in most cases, could significantly change the job organization. Before starting the packing, you must create the best organization, an inventory list, and sort the files. However, the most important is to find the best moving company on the US Moving Experts, where you can […]

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How to deal with stress when moving to Chicago
Man in stressful condition

Moving is an emotional roller coaster. On the one hand, it’s the beginning of an exciting new experience. It’s the first step toward a new area with the chance to explore and meet new people. Moving, on the other hand, results in a significant amount of change. All of these emotions colliding naturally results in […]

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How to pack a moving day essentials bag
Family unpacking after a move

The big day of your move is finally here! Excitement is on the rise, but so is stress. Whether you’re moving locally or to another continent, there are essentials you will need to have on hand during traveling. Properly organizing and thoughtfully packing a bag with essentials is the key to a smooth moving day. […]

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How to organize an eco-friendly family relocation in Chicago
Human hand holding a green leaf

Eco-friendly family relocation in Chicago is a stressful task that you want to get over as quickly and painlessly as you can. A fresh start can be achieved by moving to a new house, but this decision isn’t always environmentally friendly. Your moving procedure can have a significant environmental impact between packing up your possessions, […]

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How to prevent injuries when moving bulky items
man and woman carrying big carton box

Moving shouldn’t be the start of a painful new chapter in your life; it should be thrilling. Many people become preoccupied with preserving priceless possessions that they neglect to properly protect themselves. Relocating from one home to another gives a surprising number of opportunities for injury. There is always a chance of getting hurt when […]

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The best way to move a pool table in Chicago
two friends having fun in living room with billiard table

Lately, more and more people are choosing to live in North Chicago. Locals believe that the North’s neighborhoods are the safest in the entire city. These neighborhoods are popular with young professionals and college students because of their vibrant nightlife.  If you are also considering relocation from the West side, but don’t know how to […]

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Reasons not to move a piano by yourself
A piano with some sheet music on the top.

When making a DIY move, you might want to move a piano by yourself. While that might seem plausible, there are some things you want to consider before you actually do it. Pianos are often very heavy, require delicate handling, and are odd-shaped. That all means you’ll need some expertise or professional assistance. That’s because […]

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