How to prepare valuable items for an international relocation
Couple prepare valuable items for an international relocation

When embarking on an international relocation, ensuring the safety of your valuable items becomes paramount. Transporting precious possessions across borders requires careful preparation and attention to detail. In this post, you will find the essential steps to prepare valuable items for an international relocation, emphasizing the significance of proper packaging and securing methods. Also, we […]

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How to stay in touch after relocating to Chicago
A man who chats with loved ones via video call.

Relocating to a new city is an exhilarating yet challenging adventure. And US Moving experts¬†will help you with that! As you embark on this journey of discovery, the city of Chicago awaits, ready to captivate you with its vibrant energy and endless possibilities. From its iconic skyline to its rich cultural tapestry, Chicago offers a […]

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Most popular jobs for newcomers in Chicago
business meeting in Chicago

Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States. This city is a hub of economic activity and job opportunities. With a diverse economy with a strong focus on finance, healthcare, and transportation, Chicago offers a wide range of job prospects for newcomers. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or simply looking to […]

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Is it affordable to live in Chicago

Chicago is one of the largest and most populous cities in the United States. It’s known for its vibrant culture, breathtaking architecture, and rich history. However, it’s no secret that people think that metropolitan area like Chicago is expensive. With the high housing, transportation, and healthcare costs, it’s important to consider the affordability of living […]

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Expat Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago: Where to Live as a Newcomer
Picture of a diverse group of friends

Moving to any place as an ex-pat is not easy. Ex-pats are people moving from their native country to another part of the world. The USA is a popular destination for people like this because of the numerous benefits of living here. Chicago is famous for being one of the most expat-friendly cities in Illinois […]

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Who should you notify before moving your office in Chicago
Picture of a woman making a phone call

Chicago is a lively place where thousands of people are moving daily. As a business hub in Illinois with 2.697 million people, many businesses and offices move inside, to, or from Chicago occasionally. Corporate moves come with a long to-do list, but do you know you also need to notify people before you do? If […]

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A guide to moving to Chicago from abroad
Picture of a happy couple

Moving is never easy, but relocating to a new country is quite the leap. You will be surrounded by new people, traditions, and customs. Moving will take time and effort, so you should be 100% sure you like the place you are moving to. Sadly, this can only be done after relocating. But before you […]

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Moving out of state for the first time
A couple packing together for a long distance move

Moving for the first time can be challenging. Moving out of state for the first time is even harder. Of course, you can make it at least a little easier in some ways. For example, hiring one of the best full service movers Chicago residents recommend is one of those ways. But what are some […]

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Preparing your antique furniture for a long distance move to Chicago
Picture of an antique chair

Moving to Chicago is something that many people do. The city’s population has grown by 0.27% in recent years. Moving to this city offers many benefits, like affordability, the food scene, and the diverse population. But as good as the final destination is, long-distance moves are never easy. It gets even worse when you have […]

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