How to pack and prepare musical instruments for the move 
A saxophone laying on notes

Moving is a stressful endeavor, but it can be even more challenging if you have instruments. Since they’re very fragile and expensive, you wouldn’t want them getting damaged along the way. But with Moving Experts US by your side, you don’t have to worry about that. However, how you pack these instruments is also very […]

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Reasons You Need a Moving Inventory List
A woman making an inventory list

When you decide to move, you would rather skip all the first steps and get on to packing and relocating. Unfortunately, that is not a good idea. First, you need to make a plan and a moving inventory list. It may seem insignificant, but everyone from Moving Experts US Chicago can confirm that this is […]

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How to pest-proof your storage
Small mouse looking out from a hole

There are many types of services and storage Chicago has to offer that you can pick from. And among them, not all are 100% pest-proof. So you might want to take some packing measures in order to pest-proof your storage. This is not needed for all types of storage. But it’s better to be safe […]

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Downsizing before a long distance move – the best ways to do it
Downsizing before a long distance move

Downsizing before a long distance move is crucial for organizing relocation and saving money. Whether moving to a small apartment or not, it would be easier to pack only essentials when moving, especially when organizing moving on long distances, where moving is much more difficult. The first thing you need to do before packing is […]

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Tips for storing wooden furniture
A large closet that shows why is storing wooden furniture difficult

For storing wooden furniture, a few things are highly important to understand. As one of the first, wood absorbs water, so you will need to prevent damages that humidity could cause. Wood is a strong but sensitive material, and it is not hard to scratch or damage. Once damaged, it’s quite difficult to repair it. […]

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Common storage mistakes you should avoid
Worker walking through the storage

Storages have different purposes. They can hold your items during a move, or help you get the clutter or access furniture out of your house. Some can even be used for your business. Many US Moving experts will agree that they are highly important and can be a huge help. But what are some common […]

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Top reasons why people use storage
Protected storage as one of the reasons why people use storage

There are a lot of reasons why people use storage. It seems that each of us has our reasons for that. Good sites like US Moving Experts are great for situations when you need to choose the right storage close to your home. In that way, you will be able to keep your belongings close […]

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Most unexpected moving expenses
Packing supplies

If you are thinking about the expenses you will have during the move, then you need to know what kind of unexpected moving expenses can happen. Many things can pop up without being aware. In this situation, the best thing you can do is to read the article presented to you by US Moving Experts. […]

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Why do you need temperature controlled storage units
storage containers inside the warehouse

Storing your items can be a really good idea if you want to get some extra space in your home. Or if you are moving soon but can’t move everything at once. But, have you wondered why temperature controlled storage units are good, and what kind of items to store in them? Well, US Moving […]

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