How to relax and have fun after moving to Chicago
Chicago buildings near water

Moving is a stressful time. It’s no secret that loading all of your belongings into a moving truck and transporting them to a new location can create a few difficulties. Many DIY movers fail to see the importance of de-stressing after completing a move and before returning to the daily nine-to-five grind. That is why […]

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How to adjust to downsizing after moving to Chicago
Train and buildings in Chicago

Most people will make the important decision to downsize to a smaller house at some time in their lives. The good news is that downsizing need not be a stressful experience. In reality, downsizing can be highly fruitful. You have the chance to rid yourself of extra furniture and household things when you move into […]

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Top natural attractions to explore after moving to Chicago
Lincoln Park in Chicago

Chicago is a modern city filled with people, cars, skyscrapers, and an urban lifestyle in general. Hiring US Moving Experts will ensure you have the smoothest move! What makes living in Chicago unique is the beautiful natural attractions hidden amongst the concrete jungle. Accordingly, it is a perfect place for anyone wanting to move to […]

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What Is The Cost of Living In Chicago
an aerial shot of tall building in the city

You’re moving to Chicago and you want to know: What will the cost of living in Chicago be? Prices in Chicago can vary depending on where you live. You will find a huge disparity between prices in the Loop, located downtown, and prices in an outer neighborhood like Grayslake. It is important to note also […]

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Permits for apartment renovation in Chicago
a home being renovated

Renovating your home can be a nice process where you can include your creativity and imagination a lot. You can make your home look like heaven with just a few things you can do. But, there is a catch. You need to know what kind of permits for apartment renovation in Chicago you need to […]

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Moving to Chicago from a small town – how to cope
Chicago buildings

If you have decided to move to Chicago, congratulations, first of all. Every relocation is both physically and emotionally exhausting sometimes. It can be even more so when you decide to move from a small place to a large city. You may get the feeling that you won’t be able to cope with the changes […]

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The best suburbs in Chicago
best suburbs in Chicago

Among the best suburbs in Chicago are those where you can easily buy an apartment or have opportunities to find a job. Some people choose suburbs that are close to their jobs or have cultural offers that people like. However, the most important when choosing suburbia for yourself is to put on paper what you […]

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Downsizing before a long distance move – the best ways to do it
Downsizing before a long distance move

Downsizing before a long distance move is crucial for organizing relocation and saving money. Whether moving to a small apartment or not, it would be easier to pack only essentials when moving, especially when organizing moving on long distances, where moving is much more difficult. The first thing you need to do before packing is […]

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Moving coast-to-coast with pets
Dogs sitting in the back of the car waiting to move

Moving coast-to-coast in itself is challenging and can be stressful. Moving coast-to-coast with pets is on a new level of difficulty. Pets are like a member of a family. Sometimes caring for them is the same as caring for a child. They may not understand us, and can’t communicate with us, but that doesn’t make […]

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Common storage mistakes you should avoid
Worker walking through the storage

Storages have different purposes. They can hold your items during a move, or help you get the clutter or access furniture out of your house. Some can even be used for your business. Many US Moving experts will agree that they are highly important and can be a huge help. But what are some common […]

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