Moving requires a lot of organization as well as time and money. Preparing for a move is a process that can last over a few months. So picking a perfect season for moving can be tough. But let’s try to come to a conclusion, which season is better for moving? Summer or winter? There are a lot of things that affect this debate but we will try to get the answer once and for all.

Weather issues that might occur when moving during summer

Everybody would say that moving during summertime seems like a better option. And to be honest, it is better as you don’t have to worry about icy roads and snow storms. But in some parts of the country, summers are rougher than winters. Texas for example. Summers in Texas are unbearably hot and hard to handle. So moving during summertime in Texas would be a nightmare. Same goes for California and Florida. Those two states are equally as hot. California is known for its forest fires which occur in the months of June, July and August. That’s when the weather is the hottest. So if you live somewhere where it is very hot during the summer, you might want to wait until winter arrives. Moving a house requires a lot of physical work whether you hire movers to help you or not.

Weather issues that might occur when moving during winter

If you live in hotter states like Cali and Texas, you don’t have to worry about the weather when moving during winter. But states like New York and Wisconsin that get hit by snowstorms, heavy rains, and icy roads should rethink their decision to move during winter. Driving in such weather is very dangerous. Imagine driving a huge truck filled with furniture and boxes that contain breakable things. It is not an easy thing to do. When people who live in states like these move during winter, often times something gets damaged or they have to postpone the move due to bad weather. This is a thing that creates a lot of problems especially if the move is long-distance. For these states, it is better to wait until summer comes to move.

a snowy road
If you live somewhere where there are snow and rain in the winter, you might want to wait for summer to arrive to move to a new home.

Is packing for a summer move different from packing for a winter move?

Absolutely yes. Packing during winter in states that have real winters with snow, rain and cold weather, is very different from packing during summertime. When you are moving in winter, you need to have very good packing supplies. And a lot of tape and wrapping foil. If it is raining outside and you are using cardboard boxes for your move, your belonging will be soaking wet if you don’t waterproof the boxes as much as you can. And getting your books or some electronic appliances is nowhere near good for you. That just means you have to throw those things away and buy new ones, which is an extra expense for you. So waterproofing your boxes is a must. Summertime packing is an easy thing to do. But if it is very hot outside, packing can be tough during summer also. Packing means a lot of dust everywhere. So both winter and summer are difficult for packing. Our suggestion is that you start slowly while it’s still springtime or fall time. This is also the perfect time for organizing a yard sale.

a calculator and a pen
Winter packing is much more expensive.

Prices of moving companies in summer and winter?

Price is a big factor when it comes to deciding which season is better for moving. Not many people know this but moving company prices vary from one season to another. Summer is usually when most families move no matter where they live. Why? Because it is when children are out of school so it is much easier. But moving during summer costs more than moving during winter. How so? Well, the moving rate is low during winter so moving companies lower their prices to attract more “customers”. Your movers’ schedule is also much more flexible during winter so they are more likely to meet your scheduling needs. Winter is the time when senior movements happen the most because of the low prices.

Is it better to unpack during summer or winter?

The last big step of moving to a new home is unpacking. And unpacking is very time-consuming and tiring. We believe that it is actually much better to unpack during summertime no matter how hot it is outside. Summers are when people are most energetic. It is also when the day is the longest. During winter our bodies are weaker and we tend to get tired quicker. So people who move during winter, unpack much longer than the people who move during summer. And it is even harder to unpack when you are moving with children. Is unpacking going to make the final decision on which season is better for moving?

a bag on the floor
Unpacking during winter lasts longer because days are shorter and our bodies are naturally weaker during winter.

Which season is better for moving – summer or winter?

Is it possible to make a conclusion on which season is better for moving? Not really. But we will try. 

Considering all the facts that we mentioned before, moving during winter seems to be much more stressful than moving during summertime. You have to worry about the weather, the boxes and the unpacking for days. And even though summertime moving costs more money, it isn’t such a hassle. You don’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet. And you don’t have to worry about the slippery roads. You simply have to pay more and adjust your schedule to your movers’ schedule. I think we can all agree when we say that summer is the better season for moving.

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