Winter is, as you already know the very cold time of the year. And although you might have some idea on how to organize a storage unit in the winter, it is not always that easy. There are some factors that you should consider before deciding are you going to store your belongings into a storage unit or maybe you will put them into your garage. Storage organization is fairly easy when you know some basic rules and information about storing items. So, we have prepared a little guide to assist you with this, so you can calm and sure that all of your belongings will survive winter.

How to decide where you will put your items?

Well, first of all, you should really consider the amount of space you have available at your home and the number of things you plan on storing. Maybe you decided to store all of your summers clothes, or you simply want to change something in your house and you need to store something. Or maybe, you are moving in the winter and you actually need storage units. And you are now thinking should you store it in a storage unit or try to place it in your house, garage etc. But there are some factors you need to take into consideration before making a decision.

  • Temperature and all the changes
  • Very cold and dry air
  • Snow and humidity
  • Cold
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We understand that this is a serious decision!

Benefits of storing at home

Well, as you know, you will be able to access the items very easy. You can do the storage organization however you like. And of course, you will not pay anything. You might lose a part of your garage, or closet. And that is about it. The only things that are considered to be benefits and good reasons to store your items are the money you will save and the accessibility.

Cons of storing at home

Well, first of all, if you are storing items at your garage you won’t be able to control the temperature all the time. And temperature changes are sometimes very bad for the items you plan on storing. You will save some money, but you might end up paying more for the damaged items. Also, you will use space in your home and it will be occupied for quite some time. And, there is a great chance that you won’t use those items in a long period of time.

Benefits of a storage unit

Well, you will be able to store your items in a safe location that is monitored non-stop. Also, all of the storage units today have climate control option and temperature regulated spaces. And, you have so many affordable storage units at your disposal that you can afford yourself one. We say this, because in the end – the cost of a storage unit is much less than the potential price of your damaged goods. Also, your belongings will be stored for a long-term or short period of time. It is all up to you.  And when it comes to the storage organization you can get help from the moving company.

storage units
Benefits of a storage unit are numerous

Cons of a storage unit

Well, the only thing here is the possible price. But as we mentioned there are a lot of affordable storage units, and you can find some deal that benefits you. There are no more cons of a storage unit, to be honest.

Storage organization – how to do it in winter?

Well, depending on your decision steps are different. Here, we are going to talk about the ideal option – you decided to rent a storage unit and you will just be organizing your belongings inside of a good and safe storage unit. Since winter can be very harsh, you should be prepared.

Be sure to choose wisely

You should do your research when you decide to use a storage unit. You need to find a reliable moving company that will be able to offer you different prices and options. Companies like AAA Insta-Move Orlando can offer you different offers depending on your needs. Always check their reviews and testimonials. You are storing your belongings, and you need for them to be safe!

Choose temperature regulated units

This will make a huge difference. It might cost a little bit more, but it only means that your items will be safe no matter the weather outside. The temperature will be always the same and you can be relaxed. Simply said – you will find your belongings in the same way as when you stored them. That changes things a lot – since for a little extra money you can get a lot!

temperature scale
Temperature units are a very good solution

Climate control units are also important!

In case there are is not an option for temperature, climate control option can also save your items. This simply means that no matter what – your belongings are safe and sound. No matter what the winter weather is – you can be sure that your items are safe.

Check the storage unit!

Always check the storage unit, check if it is clean and check is there any insects. A reliable and reputable company will not allow itself to have any issues of that kind, but just to be on the safe side – double check it. Also, check for the signs of the mold. That way, you will be sure that you are renting a reliable and safe storage unit that will be able to fulfill all of your requests. And do not forget, always check the security options. Do they have a guard or maybe they have a non-stop security cameras. Either way, make sure that your belongings are safe!

Prepare your belongings

Although you probably chose a perfect storage unit, you need to prepare your belongings. Make sure that all of your clothes are safely stored in plastic bins or plastic bags. That way, they will not be damaged in any way. Don’t put your boxes up to the ceiling, it is better to organize them in other ways than simply just stacking them. Take into consideration that it is much more efficient to use plastic storage bins rather than boxes. Also, be sure that your items are clean! Storage organization can be easy, just make sure that you use good and reliable materials for storing! And, if you feel overwhelmed at any moment, keep in mind that you will be getting a lot of extra space!

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