Packing your entire household is both stressful and demanding. What you should do when you have to move your home is to find a way to cope with stress. But also, you need to make your task as easy as possible. Although it seems you can handle the moving process by yourself, think twice. When you write down all upcoming tasks, you will figure out you need to take as much help as you need. Of course, you should enlist your friends and family to help. Nevertheless, it is more important to make an appointment with one of the most reliable residential movers Chicago has. Whether you have professional movers by your side or you will rely on your friends, make sure to plan everything in advance. What will make your move smooth and stressless? It is the residential moving checklist. So we are here to help you create it.

Prepare well for residential moving

When it comes to huge tasks like residential moving, there is always a lot of rush. Besides, it seems like you are constantly running out of time and forgetting things out. For those reasons, we remember moving like an overwhelming process. But if you think about it more, you will understand it should not have to be so demanding. That is why you need organization and planning. If you ask our US Moving Experts, they will tell you things that will completely change your mind. From planning and packing to loading and transportation, moving is not difficult at all if you have a strategy. Of course, there is no unique list of tasks you have to do. So what is the best solution?

Residential moving
Plan everything in advance.

Creating your customized residential moving checklist

Every move is different but still, have similar parts. So when you compare two different residential moving checklist you will spot the same phases. On the other hand, every move is determined by the size of your possession.  According to this, you need to make your own, customized moving checklist. It will include the things you will bring with, tasks you have to finish, and important details you should not forget. However, you should not forget about your budget when moving. So, making this list is also important for keeping your budget stable. Moreover, the residential moving checklist will help you save money when moving. It will practically be your guide for an affordable and organized move.

Start as early as possible

Creating your household moving checklist is connected with the success of the whole process. So make sure to skip common moving mistakes and don’t waste your time. Instead of waiting until the last moment make sure to start creating a household moving checklist as soon as you realize moving is unavoidable. Make sure to start planning at least 10 or 8 weeks before. Even if your moving date is not determined yet, it is never early to start sorting out your belongings. Grab a pen and go around every room of your house. Soon you will have the inventory list that will help you make the right decisions.

Prepare for household moving.

What you should do at first?

It is important to prepare for residential moving both physically and mentally. Before you start conducting your moving preparation, make sure to eliminate stress. So, accept the stress as a part of the process you need to go through. If you have a positive mind and looking forward to a fresh start at your new home, it will be easier to conduct the relocation. Here is the list of tasks you need to do:

  • prepare all documents and create a digital moving folder
  • determine the budget for moving expenses
  • schedule in-home estimates with reliable movers you choose
  • read over documents from your moving company before you sign any commitment
  • determine moving date with your movers
  • request time off work for packing and moving day
  • find and choose a new school for your children
  • prepare documentation from your children current school
  • declutter your home before packing for residential moving
  • organize a garage sale, sell and donate
  • plan how to move bulky and fragile items you own

Soon you will have new tasks and obligations

It seems like there are too many tasks, but you need to finish them all. As you know time is passing by and there will be more tasks, make sure to do most of these tasks. It is important to know if you are operating with reliable movers. So, confirm is your moving company insured and licensed. You can do it by verifying their USDOT number at FMCSA. If there is any issue, make sure to find another moving company that has required registration. Remember, dealing with reputable movers is equally important as anything else you have to do. As you know, moving the things you don’t need anymore is a mistake that will cost you when the movers come. Also, dealing with a fraudulent moving company will make you waste your time but also money. So check this before continue your job.

Moving box
Make sure to provide moving boxes.

Packing for the move

The list of packing tasks you need to finish before moving includes:

  • gathering moving boxes and packing supplies. If you will hire professional packers, make sure they know about your needs.
  • research packing methods to make your moving day easier.
  • label moving boxes properly. This will make your unpacking easier.
  • create an inventory list of your valuables before loading on the moving truck.
  • Make sure to label ”FRAGILE” moving boxes. Even if you packed your special plates and artworks correctly, carrying them is always a threat.
  • Unplugging electronics is unavoidable so take photos of your electronics and there will be nothing to forget about. Furthermore, reconnecting things such as your TV and stereo does not have to be so hard.
  • Moving furniture pieces that will not fit in your new space is totally wasting time and money. Along with that, make sure to measure stairways, doorways to be sure there is enough space. Moving furniture is a usual part of residential moving. For that reason, double-check measurements.

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