If you ever had to move all your stuff from one room to another, you know how much work and time it took. Multiply that amount of effort by a hundred and you may come close to the moving experience. Just remember what a drag it is to pack a suitcase for a vacation. And you don’t take fragile things to your vacation, or a lifetime of memories and possessions, do you? To make your life easier and relocate your belongings like a pro, think about the three big topics. Preparation. Packing. Moving.

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Relocate your belongings anywhere


This is the stage where you already made your decision to relocate your belongings and maybe family. Whether you decided to move for another job or you just want more sun in your life, you need to prepare. You found the right location as your new address. You know what kind of budget you have at your disposal. Just don’t forget the unplanned additional expenses and put some money aside. The organization is key to a successful relocation. We suggest an early start. It’s never too early to plan what you need or don’t need in a new home. Think about moving possibilities and which are the best for you. Try to find a way to enjoy the process, because we all know it can be stressful. There are plenty of tips on how to make moving less stressful, so use them!

Always plan ahead


What to pack

Nobody likes to pack a suitcase for going on a vacation. Having to literally send all your belongings to a faraway destination is a drag on a whole other level. The trick is to start with non-essentials. Even a month before the moving day you can start filling the boxes. Be sure to follow your moving to-do list, so nothing gets forgotten. First of all, get rid of the things you know you don’t need and will not use ever again. You need to purge to make room for new things. Also, make piles for charities, sale, and throwing. It will surprise you how little you’ll miss the vast majority of your belongings.

How to pack

After you’re left with the final amount of stuff to take with you, go and get plenty of moving boxes from a local supermarket. For more valuable items, it’s better to buy new boxes. Make sure to acquire smaller boxes because they are easier to move and unpack. It is very important that you sort items by categories into boxes and to properly label them (by the content and the belonging room). Remember to protect fragile things with foam peanuts, packing paper or blankets.

Label boxes to relocate your belongings
Sort items and properly label the boxes

Always have with you

Don’t forget to pack your “survival bag”. You will need it if you travel longer to your new location, but also for the first night in your new home. Keep it practical, put in it a change of clothes, medications, toiletries. Besides the essentials, always have your “important bag” close to you. Here you will have documents, jewelry, computers and hard drives, the things you don’t want to misplace. It is also a smart thing to know exactly where your cleaning kit is. You will need it before taking things out of the boxes, you don’t want dust on your plates, do you?


Before the moving day comes, you have to select the moving method. This will depend on your budget and a time-frame you have at your disposal. The three options are:

  1. Relocate your belongings by yourself,
  2. Relocate by using moving pod,
  3. Hire a professional moving company.

Relocate your belongings by yourself

This is definitely the cheapest option, but also most labor intensive. You will probably have to ask family and friends for help. And hire someone in the new city. Taking all of the boxes and furniture in and out of your truck or van by yourself can take a toll on your back. Only you are in control of your stuff when you pack and unpack. And that is a good thing. On the other hand, if you don’t have the experience you probably don’t know how much space you’ll need for the rental. If you are going across the state it will take some time. You have to think where to spend the nights and to add that cost to a budget. That also brings the burden of safety. You have to know where is safe to park your vehicle to not worry about your valuables.

Relocate by using a moving pod

This is a relatively new method for moving, and it has its pros and cons. Firstly, a company drops a container off at your property. You pack it up, and then they ship it to your new address. Upon the arrival, you unload the container and carry your belongings in. The good part is that there are different sizes of them, depending on your needs. Also, a pod can be stored if there is a time-gap between its and your arrival time. The downside of relocating your belongings by moving pod is that you will again need the help to load and unload the container. Sometimes, the delivery can be delayed because of the customs hold-ups or poor weather. That is why it is important to have your “survival bag” always with you.

Moving vehicles in the night on the bridge
Chose the right moving method for you

Hire a professional moving company

Assuming you have the budget or don’t have too much time, this is the right option for relocating your belongings. The truth is that a DIY move and the one with professional movers differ. Working with movers will save you time and energy, and allow you to invest yourself in other important decisions. Therefore, the most important part is finding a reliable moving company. Look for the references and ask as many questions as you feel you need. As a result, a good company will provide answers to all of them and more. Be explicit with the terms and fees and always read the small print on contracts. They usually have insurance in case of a damage, so take photos of your items before packing. It is common they land you packing materials and sometimes it comes with the price. Professionals know the best way to pack your stuff in the truck, so nothing gets damaged.

The downside of hiring a professional is they may leave your boxes in different rooms. Prevent this by overseeing their work.  Nevertheless, having the moving company on your side really is the least stressful and time-consuming way to relocate your belongings anywhere. Finally, the best part is that you don’t have to ask for favors to anyone.

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