When making a DIY move, you might want to move a piano by yourself. While that might seem plausible, there are some things you want to consider before you actually do it. Pianos are often very heavy, require delicate handling, and are odd-shaped. That all means you’ll need some expertise or professional assistance. That’s because a lot of Chicago movers know how to handle pianos without damaging them. Considering and thinking about these things in advance will help you make an informed decision. Ultimately, it’ll help you relocate without stress.

Their odd shape makes them hard to fit in a normal truck or trailer

Because of their curly shapes, they are a nightmare to fit into your truck or trailer. You’ll want to make sure that you can actually fit in whatever it is you got, and then that you can secure it in place. You don’t want it sliding as you drive. Normally, trying to move a piano by yourself is a bad idea. It can get damaged, you probably won’t be able to move it, and it is hard to fit. That is why many people choose to hire long distance movers, especially those that specialize in handling pianos and other delicate objects and pieces of furniture.

A picture of a piano, showcasing its odd shape which makes it a bad idea to try to move a piano by yourself.
Pianos need to be handled by professionals to ensure they aren’t damaged when relocating them.

As they are usually very heavy, trying to move a piano by yourself is going to be troublesome

Due to its heavy weight, it might be hard for you to carry it outside. If you don’t have an elevator, carrying it down the stairs is going to be very problematic. Also, consider whether or not you can bring it down the stairs due to its odd shape and size. Considering these things will greatly influence your decision. That’s one of the prime reasons why people choose to hire piano movers Chicago offers, instead of doing it by themselves. Simply, it’s too much stress, and effort and you can damage it along the way. One drop down the stairs and the piano will probably need a lot of expensive repairing. And with the prices of repairing it, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A piano pictured in a forest.
You need to do a lot of research if you decide to try to move a piano by yourself, as opposed to hiring moving services.

The specialized tools you lack when moving a piano alone

Not only do the moving services Chicago offers have the necessary experience and expertise, but they also own specialized tools for relocating pianos.

  • Piano dollies, to relocate them easily.
  • Skid boards to secure pianos in order to transfer them safely.
  • They can also use other equipment and tools they use, as they have years of experience. Because of all of the items, trying to piano by yourself might be harder than it looks.

When relocating something heavy and delicate it’s easy to damage them, so it’s important to think about all the things it requires. As pianos are unevenly heavy, you have to secure them and put them in balance for the trip. Without the specialized tools and equipment moving services offered, trying to move a piano by yourself is going to be mission impossible.


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